Latest OpenRCT2 v0.2.2 "Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook" release download

Windows downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
Windows x86 InstallerOpenRCT2-0.2.2-windows-installer-win32.exe1fef2e09.52 MB
Windows x86 Portable ZIPOpenRCT2-0.2.2-windows-portable-win32.zip523d6e910.46 MB
Windows x64 Portable ZIPOpenRCT2-0.2.2-windows-portable-x64.zipada8e5411.15 MB
Windows x64 InstallerOpenRCT2-0.2.2-windows-installer-x64.exeae24bc610.05 MB

Linux downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
Linux x86_64 OpenRCT2-0.2.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gzffff92530.67 MB

macOS downloads

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macOS Portable ZIPOpenRCT2-0.2.2-macos.zipfa2fed623.5 MB

Miscellaneous downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
Windows x86 Debug SymbolsOpenRCT2-0.2.2-windows-debugsymbols-win32.zip5164e0815.22 MB
Windows x64 Debug SymbolsOpenRCT2-0.2.2-windows-debugsymbols-x64.zipe00f51115.83 MB

Release notes

- Feature: [#4418] Allow steep slopes on the side-friction roller coaster.
- Feature: [#7726] Add shortcut to advance one tick.
- Feature: [#7956, #7964] Add sprite font glyphs for Hungarian and some Czech letters.
- Feature: [#7971] Toolbox option to open custom content folder.
- Feature: [#7980] Allow data path for RCT1 to be specified by a command line argument.
- Feature: [#8073] Auto-upload minidumps to (optional, MSVC/Windows only)
- Feature: [#8078] Add save_park command to in-game console.
- Feature: [#8080] New console variable "current_rotation" to get or set view rotation.
- Feature: [#8098] Glyph for Russian rouble sign.
- Feature: [#8099] Add Powered Launch mode to Inverted RC (for RCT1 parity).
- Feature: [#8190] Allow building footpaths on 'corner down' terrain.
- Feature: [#8191] Allow building on-ride photos and water S-bends on the Water Coaster.
- Feature: [#8259] Add say command to in-game console.
- Feature: [#8374] Add replay system.
- Feature: [#8377] Add option to adjust amount of autosaves to keep.
- Feature: [#8458] Add sprite sorting benchmark.
- Feature: [#8583] Add boosters to water coaster.
- Feature: [#8648] Add optional chat button to top toolbar in multiplayer games.
- Feature: [#8652] Add network window including a graph for data usage visualisation.
- Feature: [#8670] Add ability to download missing objects when loading a park.
- Change: [#7961] Add new object types: station, terrain surface, and terrain edge.
- Change: [#8222] The climate setting has been moved from objective options to scenario options.
- Change: [#8718] Allow TARMAC object to be removed when running the `remove_unused_objects` command.
- Change: [#8718] No longer require the generic scenery groups and tarmac footpath to be checked when creating a scenario.
- Change: [#8734] Disable kick button in multiplayer window when unable to use it.
- Fix: [#3832] Changing the colour scheme of track pieces does not work in multiplayer.
- Fix: [#4094] Coasters with long flat-to-steep pieces offer them in diagonal mode (original bug).
- Fix: [#5684] Player list can desync between clients and server and can crash.
- Fix: [#6191] OpenRCT2 fails to run when the path has an emoji in it.
- Fix: [#7439] Placement messages have mixed strings
- Fix: [#7473] Disabling sound effects also disables "Disable audio on focus loss".
- Fix: [#7536] Android builds fail to start.
- Fix: [#7689] Deleting 0-tile maze gives a MONEY32_UNDEFINED (negative) refund.
- Fix: [#7828] Copied entrances and exits stay when demolishing ride.
- Fix: [#7945] Client IP address is logged as `(null)` in server logs.
- Fix: [#7952] Performance drop caused by code refactor.
- Fix: [#7954] Key validation fails on Windows due to non-ASCII user / player name.
- Fix: [#7975] Inspection flag not cleared for rides which are set to never be inspected (original bug).
- Fix: [#7985] Giant Screenshot ignores 'Map rendering' settings.
- Fix: [#7987] Broken track designs increase money by MONEY32_UNDEFINED.
- Fix: [#7991] Scenery and footpaths on Construction Rights tiles can be deleted using Clear Scenery.
- Fix: [#8034] Vanilla sprites are broken when making screenshots from command line.
- Fix: [#8045] Crash when switching between languages.
- Fix: [#8062] In multiplayer warnings for unstable cheats are shown when disabling them.
- Fix: [#8090] Maze designs saved incorrectly.
- Fix: [#8101] Title sequences window flashes after opening.
- Fix: [#8120] Crash trying to place peep spawn outside of map.
- Fix: [#8121] Crash Renaming park with server logging enabled.
- Fix: [#8139] Buying land costs money when the game is in "no money" mode.
- Fix: [#8141] Attempting to build entrance/exit on station 2 does not work.
- Fix: [#8142] Reliability of mazes and crooked houses can go below 100%.
- Fix: [#8187] Cannot set land ownership over ride entrances or exits in sandbox mode.
- Fix: [#8200] Incorrect behaviour when removing entrances and exits that are on the same tile.
- Fix: [#8204] Crash when tile element has no surface elements.
- Fix: [#8264] Rides and scenery placeable outside of map with ZC and Sandbox mode enabled.
- Fix: [#8335] Rides with arbitrary ride types can crash the game when they break down.
- Fix: [#8358] Infinite loop when changing vehicle count on stopped ride.
- Fix: [#8402] Crash closing a window in some cases.
- Fix: [#8431] Crash when game action logging is enabled.
- Fix: [#8433] Crash if master server response is not valid JSON.
- Fix: [#8434] Crash if curl_easy_init fails.
- Fix: [#8443] Crash when selecting the current vehicle for ride that has none available.
- Fix: [#8456] Junior booster track piece doesn't connect properly.
- Fix: [#8464] Crash on game shutdown.
- Fix: [#8469] Crash modifying colour on hacked rides.
- Fix: [#8508] Underground roto-drop is not going up.
- Fix: [#8555] Multiplayer window text limits are not computed properly.
- Fix: [#8572] Steel Twister track pieces ID 64 and 65 drawn incorrectly.
- Fix: [#8585] Part of track missing on air powered vertical coaster.
- Fix: [#8588] Guest list scrolling breaks above ~2000 guests.
- Fix: [#8591] Game loop does not run at a consistent tick rate of 40 Hz.
- Fix: [#8647] Marketing campaigns check for entry fees below £1 (original bug).
- Fix: [#8653] Crash when peeps attempt to enter a ride with no vehicles.
- Fix: [#8720] Desync due to boats colliding with ghost pieces.
- Fix: [#8739] Savegame from original game crashes when cruising through map.
- Fix: [#8742] Access violation in vehicle_update_sound_params.
- Fix: [#8804] Raising water shows money effect at the bottom rather than new height.
- Fix: [#8811] Some fields in the sv6 save file not being copied correctly.
- Fix: [#8824] Invalid read in footpath_chain_ride_queue.
- Improved: [#2940] Allow mouse-dragging to set patrol area (Singleplayer only).
- Improved: [#7730] Draw extreme vertical and lateral Gs red in the ride window's graph tab.
- Improved: [#7930] Automatically create folders for custom content.
- Improved: [#7980] Show the full path of the scenario in the scenario select window.
- Improved: [#7993] Allow assigning a keyboard shortcut for opening the tile inspector.
- Improved: [#8107] Support Discord release of RCT2.
- Improved: [#8491] Highlight entrance and exit with different colours in track design previews.
- Improved: Almost completely new Hungarian translation.
- Removed: [#7929] Support for scenario text objects.

Note: due to mistake during release, it might identify as `v0.2.1-1020-g298c9f523`, but it really is `v0.2.2`