Download OpenRCT2 0.1.2-develop build 94a3d88

Status & Branch: develop
Based on commit hash: 94a3d8869140eca1446674de3ac804ded0a79e87
Available since: 2017-12-05 04:06:12 (5 months ago)

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Windows x86 Portable ZIP 302df565a… 6.08 MB
Windows x86 Installer OpenRCT2-0.1.2-develop-94a3d88-windows-win32.exe b787a2d2c… 5.49 MB
Windows x64 Portable ZIP 39a72490a… 6.76 MB
Windows x64 Installer OpenRCT2-0.1.2-develop-94a3d88-windows-x64.exe 55e30cf28… 6.03 MB
macOS ed1cfc8b4… 7.48 MB
Linux x86_64 OpenRCT2-0.1.2-develop-94a3d88-linux-x86_64.tar.gz fdf31ffc1… 17.58 MB
Linux x86 OpenRCT2-0.1.2-develop-94a3d88-linux-i686.tar.gz f83e7abc2… 9.36 MB
Windows x86 Debug Symbols 66db6f30e… 13.18 MB
Windows x64 Debug Symbols ba2bcdaab… 13.68 MB

Changes in this build

Author Message
IntelOrca Remove RCT2 interop
IntelOrca Fix testpaint
Gymnasiast Fix Xcode project
IntelOrca Name / define RCT2 addresses
IntelOrca Use rct2_ride
Gymnasiast Make use of ride preview images clearer and more future-proof
IntelOrca Update changelog [ci skip]
IntelOrca Fix testpaint code issues
IntelOrca Merge pull request #6772 from IntelOrca/remove-rct2-interop-2 Remove RCT2 interop
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.