Download OpenRCT2 0.1.2-develop build 6621faf

Status & Branch: develop
Based on commit hash: 6621faf27a6c059899b7bd3a6575c05c7c92e400
Available since: 2017-10-10 08:19:57 (8 months ago)

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Windows x86 Portable ZIP 4f3275b2e… 6 MB
Windows x86 Installer OpenRCT2-0.1.2-develop-6621faf-windows-win32.exe fae32a236… 5.39 MB
Windows x64 Portable ZIP 6ef75542a… 6.69 MB
Windows x64 Installer OpenRCT2-0.1.2-develop-6621faf-windows-x64.exe a6b3e522f… 5.92 MB
macOS 4b2aeb772… 7.39 MB
Linux x86_64 OpenRCT2-0.1.2-develop-6621faf-linux-x86_64.tar.gz 4285e68d6… 16.71 MB
Linux x86 OpenRCT2-0.1.2-develop-6621faf-linux-i686.tar.gz 624e941fd… 9.9 MB
Windows x86 Debug Symbols f91120267… 9.82 MB
Windows x64 Debug Symbols c67697ece… 10.52 MB

Changes in this build

Author Message
Gymnasiast Fix #6196: Guest's energy underflows and never decreases Issue caused by using max where min was intended. This also reverts an earlier change in capping the energy target, since it seems to max out at 255, unlike energy itself.