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Changes in this build

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zaxcav Restrict peep backtracking further via pathfind_history[i].direction Dependent on the path layout it is possible for peeps to get stuck in backtracking cycles between two or more path tiles - each such tile is a turn around point because from that tile, the reachable tile on the search boundary that is closest to the peep destination is in the direction the peep came from. When storing/updating the pathfind_histroy, remove the direction the peep came from (in addition to the chosen direction) from the directions left to try to prevent such backtracking.
zaxcav Increment network version
zaxcav Reword comments with "from from".
zaxcav Update debugging messages to reflect changes in how pathfind_history[].direction is updated.
Gymnasiast Merge pull request #4997 from zaxcav/restrictBacktrack Restrict backtracking during peep pathfinding