Download OpenRCT2 0.0.8-develop build 471f0c3

Status & Branch: develop
Based on commit hash: 471f0c3230abaaa9d8c20959bd520285c826e40e
Available since: 2017-05-15 14:07:36 (1 year ago)

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Windows x86 Portable ZIP c1d4983bb… 5.65 MB
Windows x86 Installer OpenRCT2-0.0.8-develop-471f0c3-windows-win32.exe 78b265a1f… 5.09 MB
Windows x64 Portable ZIP b248d5800… 6.41 MB
Windows x64 Installer OpenRCT2-0.0.8-develop-471f0c3-windows-x64.exe 8bbd2513b… 5.67 MB
macOS 40e4899b8… 7.09 MB
Linux x86_64 OpenRCT2-0.0.8-develop-471f0c3-linux-x86_64.tar.gz 4dbac6597… 14.47 MB
Linux x86 OpenRCT2-0.0.8-develop-471f0c3-linux-i686.tar.gz 3c5c96531… 6.23 MB
Windows x86 Debug Symbols 0f81e68ab… 9.43 MB
Windows x64 Debug Symbols 6cce421f8… 10.05 MB

Changes in this build

Author Message
wolfreak99 Allow loading bmp files as heightmap using the native file browser Upon playing with the heightmap tool, i realized that the feature actually supports bmp files as well, and they are even listed in the in-game load/save dialog, but they are not shown when using a native file browser. This fixes that.