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Available since: 2017-05-03 21:01:40 (1 month ago)

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Changes in this build

Author Message
janisozaur Reduce scope of variable in Imaging.cpp
janisozaur Remove unused variable
janisozaur Guard access to ride_type field in ride.c
janisozaur Reduce scope of variables in input.c, rect.c
janisozaur Add parentheses to enforce order of evaluation in input.c
janisozaur Merge pull request #5315 from janisozaur/minor-fixes Minor fixes
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
IntelOrca Refactor duck to C++
IntelOrca Refactor duck to member functions
IntelOrca Fix compilation and refactor GetFrameImage
IntelOrca Merge pull request #5301 from IntelOrca/refactor/duck Refactor duck
IntelOrca Move fountain files to C++
IntelOrca Remove platform include from game.h
IntelOrca Format Fountain as C++
janisozaur Include SDL.h in twitch.cpp for SDL_GetTicks()
janisozaur Catch exceptions using const-reference rather than value
GrahamRCT Remove duplicate ride penalty for closed rides The game reduces the 'value' of a ride, which decides how much guests will pay for it, when multiple rides of the same type exists within a park. Currently, the rides' status is not taken into account. This PR ensures a ride with status "closed" will no longer attract the penalty. Only open or broken rides will do so. In other words, this PR removes ill-deserved punishment for players who: - Use (partial) rides as scenery - Build replacement rides while keeping the originals open Also refactored the code slightly to decrease average-case runtime.
Gymnasiast Fix importing SV4 walls in pause mode
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
rwjuk Pass selected colour to the create banner command, fixes #5316
Gymnasiast Fix import of SV4 scenario ticks, fixes #5004
rwjuk Do not return money when demolishing a ghost footpath, fixes #5318
zaxcav Update ride_find_closest_mechanic() to search using the station exit location, fixes #5284
janisozaur Prevent dereferencing null map element in footpath_remove_real No network version increase as the client would simply crash if it were NULL.
rwjuk Improve algorithm for determining zoom level in track previews, fixes #3502
rwjuk Don't apply peep_make_passing_peeps_sick() to peeps in a queue, fixes #1992
devnexen Prevent double allocations of string allocated config values Prevent double allocations of string allocated config values since they can be set by default and then set again by reading the config file.
rwjuk Improve clarity of scenario difficulty option text
Gymnasiast Raise limit of objects per tab to 256
Margen67 Disable clearance checks for underwater and underground walls Also update network version.
janisozaur Fix #5325: Crash from invalid ride type in research_finish_item
Gymnasiast Only show 'Force breakdown' when not in network mode, fixes #5199
Gymnasiast Merge pull request #5305 from IntelOrca/feature/scenery-eyedropper-tool Add scenery eyedropper tool
GrahamRCT Relative value bonus for new rides This prevents, for instance, charging $6 for any new ride, regardless of its quality.
janisozaur Update network version to 13
LRFLEW Update Xcode Project
IntelOrca Merge pull request #5319 from IntelOrca/refactor/fountain-cpp Refactor fountain to C++
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
duncanspumpkin Fix #5334. Make signs save text in the correct order. Mistake made during refactoring that would cause the sign text to be in the wrong order. If the text was less than 12 characters sign would be blank.
janisozaur Guard array access in platform_open_directory_browser
janisozaur Fix invalid array size in platform_open_directory_browser
rwjuk Fix scenery eyedropper not picking up selected item's rotation (referenced in #5339) (#5344)
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
delebota Add description and greeting textbox to server start menu
Gymnasiast Fix Top Spin description typo from #5345 [ci skip]
Lisergishnu Update the window size when using maximise on macOS
marijnvdwerf Allow some warnings on macOS builds
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
marcotc Auto-detect locale on first run
marcotc Default implementation of date format
marcotc Add import for date format
marcotc Move stub implementation to posix.c
marcotc Remove unused include
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
IntelOrca Remove Windows code sign certificate Certificate provided @JarnoVgr has now expired.
marcotc Replace comment with STUB macro
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
muemart Add menu option for path to RCT 1
muemart If path to RCT1 is available, load "css50" from there
muemart Only load csg1 if necessary
muemart Add tooltip to the label and warn that restart is required
Gymnasiast Merge pull request #5352 from OpenRCT2/set-rct1-path Add menu option to set RCT1 path
Gymnasiast Draw booster sprites on Steel Twister, Vertical RC and Giga Coaster, fixes #5351
Gymnasiast Fix Z-sorting issues with Giga Coaster boosters
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
wolfreak99 Add "Quick demolish mode" to the Rides List Taken from the "Quick fire mode" on the Staff List
janisozaur Update network version to 15
wolfreak99 Prepare scenario options sync
wolfreak99 Sync "Set no money"
wolfreak99 Sync "Raise / lower initial cash"
wolfreak99 Sync "Raise / lower initial loan size"
wolfreak99 Sync "Raise / lower maximum loan size"
wolfreak99 Sync "Raise / lower interest rate"
wolfreak99 Sync "Set forbid marketing campaigns"
wolfreak99 Sync "Raise / lower guest initial happiness"
wolfreak99 Sync "Raise / lower guest initial happiness"
wolfreak99 Sync "Raise / lower guest initial hunger"
wolfreak99 Sync "Raise / lower initial guest thirst"
wolfreak99 Sync "Set guests prefer less/more intense rides"
wolfreak99 Sync "Raise / lower cost to buy land"
wolfreak99 Sync "Raise / lower cost to buy construction rights"
wolfreak99 Sync "Raise / lower park entry fee"
wolfreak99 Sync "Set pay for park or rides"
wolfreak99 Sync "Set forbid tree removal"
wolfreak99 Sync "Set forbid landscape changes"
wolfreak99 Sync "Set forbid high construction"
wolfreak99 Sync "Set park rating higher difficult level"
wolfreak99 Sync "Set guest generation higher difficult level"
wolfreak99 Update changelog
wolfreak99 Replace FALSE/TRUE with 0/1
wolfreak99 return after initial if
wolfreak99 convert max(x,min(y,z)) to clamp
Gymnasiast Update network version
Gymnasiast Merge pull request #5254 from wolfreak99/sync_scenario_options Sync scenario options
rwjuk Rename rct_ride_properties->acceleration to powered_lift_acceleration
rwjuk Core implementation for rct_ride_properties->booster_acceleration (not used yet)
rwjuk Use booster_acceleration where appropriate
rwjuk Multiply booster_acceleration value for Twister and Giga Coaster by 8 to replicate RCT1 performance
rwjuk Increment network version
rwjuk Align acceleration values for Vertical RC with Twister, reduce booster acceleration of Twister, Giga and Vertical by half
rwjuk Reduce booster acceleration of Junior RC very slightly
Gymnasiast Add method to determine if CSG1 is loaded
Gymnasiast Load CSG1 booster sprites for the Looping and Corkscrew RC
Gymnasiast Merge pull request #5356 from Gymnasiast/is-csg1-loaded Add method to determine whether CSG1 is loaded, fixes #5353
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
Gymnasiast Check for both csg1.1 and csg1.dat when looking for RCT1 graphics
duncanspumpkin Refactor easter egg peep functions. Fix #5357
duncanspumpkin Increment network
duncanspumpkin Correctly loop. Add typedef for easter egg functions
duncanspumpkin Merge pull request #5360 from duncanspumpkin/easter_refactor Refactor Easter Eggs Fix #5357
Broxzier Fix unability to use of 'sprite exportall' This also fixes an issue when the given path does not end with a separator, in which case it would export to one folder higher.
Broxzier Add missing sprite commands to the list, sorted
IntelOrca Fix #5338: Scenery eyedropper hides the third colour picker
Gymnasiast Multiply Giga Coaster booster values by 2
rwjuk Adjust track build window for Giga Coaster to reflect doubled boost speed
Gymnasiast Fix booster speed when right-clicking a part
rwjuk Halve Junior RC booster values, and update construction window to match
Gymnasiast Merge pull request #5354 from rwjuk/fix5350 Make boosters on Twister and Giga Coaster more practical (#5350)
Gymnasiast Bump network version
rwjuk Update changelog with fixes and improvements since v0.0.6 (#5364)
IntelOrca Ensure is a console application
IntelOrca Fix spelling and remove current release only regressions from changelog
IntelOrca Merge pull request #5361 from Broxzier/fix_sprite_commands Fix sprite commands
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
janisozaur Update gTextBoxInput size to be at least CHAT_INPUT_SIZE large Fixes #5365
janisozaur Make input buffers' sizes consistent
IntelOrca Fix scenery window height and list calculation
Gymnasiast Merge pull request #5349 from marcotc/detect-locale Auto-detect locale on first run
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
janisozaur Change MinGW docker to use ArchLinux as base This is needed to get more up-to-date MinGW releases
janisozaur Disable redundant-decls error for mingw
janisozaur Remove workaround for mingw bug, now fixed upstream
janisozaur Update Travis configuration to use new mingw docker
janisozaur Merge pull request #5374 from janisozaur/mingw-arch-develop ArchLinux-based mingw docker image
duncanspumpkin Fix #5371. Custom currency now correctly saves to config. Mistake made during refactoring. Failed to account for the custom currency when saving the current currency.
duncanspumpkin Fix #5373. Prevent towers from being shown on car ride special list. Mistake made during implementation. Not sure how this one was accidentally done as I expect the original list was computer generated. This bug has been in the game since June 2015.
siomy11 Display "No mechanics are hired!" instead of "Calling mechanic..." when no mechanics are hired (#5368)
Gymnasiast Add booster sprites for the Junior roller coaster
Gymnasiast Rename edi to something more descriptive
rwjuk Fix #5377: Saved game keeps crashing shortly after loading Guard against null pointers in banner_paint() (#5379)
janisozaur Fix scenery eye dropper interaction with footpaths
Broxzier Fix #5375: Use mask for fetching large scenery id, fix picking banner elements
janisozaur Verify access to sprites
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
Goddesen Make paths in STR_2743 consistent with STR_5836
raphaelsetin Read until first dot when converting track file name to in-game name, fixes #5077 This commit addresses the bug of Goliath.1 track. The track name will be everything that is written in the file name of that track, until the first dot.
rwjuk Fix typos in 'rides set' help in console
rwjuk Implement #5370: add ability to change ride operating mode from console
rwjuk Update changelog
rwjuk Invalidate test results after changing ride mode from console
rwjuk Harden console command error checking, reduce command array sizes
rwjuk Reduce command array size in 'rides set type'
rwjuk Add user-facing help for 'rides set mode' command
rwjuk Use localised strings for 'rides set mode' command help, fix off-by-one error: RIDES_MODE_COUNT
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
janisozaur Fix compilation with GCC7
Gymnasiast Fix typo in ride description
janisozaur Explicitly initialise globals in entrance.cpp
janisozaur Fix uninitialised variable
xp4xbox Replace Twister booster sprites with improved versions
janisozaur Fix mismatched allocator/deallocater for S6
janisozaur Format S6Exporter.cpp Pretty much just align field assignments
janisozaur Align field assignments in S6Importer.cpp
janisozaur Validate water image id while loading palette
Broxzier Initial prototype of loading heightmaps Adds new strings and string ids for some future commits too.
Broxzier Add tile_smooth function to smooth generated map
Broxzier Add settings to heightmap tab
Broxzier Add option to normalize height map
Broxzier Add smoothing height map option
Broxzier Add heightmap smoothing Fixed underflow error that was visible for non-tilable maps. Reordered widgets to reflect the same order of the algorithm. Always regenerate the map when a setting is changed.
Broxzier Better widget behaviour and fixes - Inset text for disabled labels and values - Spinners can be held down Other fixes: - Use correct types for widget indices - Use WINDOW_MAPGEN_PAGE_COUNT for arrays (when a new page is added in the future, the compiler will warn about all the arrays having an invalid size) - Sort code so that related arrays are placed near each other
Broxzier Refactored mapgen window file - Removed duplicated code - Moved shared widgets to define - Moved shared widget handling code to function
Broxzier Use average pixel value instead of only the red channel
Broxzier Use loadsave window for selecting the heightmap
Broxzier Fix smooth-tiles checkbox not being invalidated; updated default height values
Broxzier Optimization: Average RGB channels once before smoothing, instead of inside the loop.
Broxzier Add support for loading PNG files This needs to be refactored
Broxzier Fix travis errors Couldn't merge janitosaur's commit or apply a patch after the changes and rebase
Broxzier Loading height map into memory
Broxzier Fix typos [ci skip]
Broxzier Update changelog and contributors entry
Broxzier Disable page widgets until a map is loaded A few strings have their {WINDOW_COLOUR_2} setting removed, since this prevented strings from being market as inset. All uses of these strings have been checked.
Broxzier Only overwrite buffer when loading was successful
Broxzier Show errors to player
Broxzier Fix issue for when smoothing raises a tile above water level
Broxzier Pass arguments with correct type for {COMMA16}
Broxzier transform greyscale image to RGB when loaded
Broxzier Copy argument to buffer since it may be freed, add missing break
Broxzier Add error for loading non 24-bit bitmaps
Broxzier Fix typo (neightbour -> neighbour) [ci skip]
janisozaur Fix memory leak in heightmap loader
janisozaur Fix scenery eye dropper checks
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
Gymnasiast en-GB: Change 'normalize' to 'normalise' [ci skip]
Gymnasiast en-GB: Change another occurrence of 'normalize' [ci skip]
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
Gymnasiast Define native file dialog strings when loading heightmap, to avoid crashes Thanks to @wolfreak99 for the fix.
janisozaur Fix #5395: Crash when no sections are present in config.ini Missing sections in `config.ini`, particularily `[general]` can lead to a null pointer dereference due to some fields being uninitialised.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
janisozaur Prevent access to invalid banner in game command
janisozaur Fix #3136: Add 255th FlatRideTrackBlock entry This is to guard invalid ride type from invoking an uninitialised read.
janisozaur Guard from null scenery entry
janisozaur Prevent execution of invalid command in track_place
janisozaur Bump network version to 19
daihakken en-GB: "harbor" -> "harbour" (#5412) [ci skip]
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
CraigCraig Tons of spelling fixes (#5413) [ci skip]
camthesaxman fix and refactor DrawRLESprite2 (#5396)
camthesaxman build the version string at compile time
camthesaxman remove unused variables
IntelOrca Fix exporting non-RLE sprites
pulkitraggarwal Mute Button Implemented like in RCT1 Added the Mute button, like requested in the Issue #1421.
pulkitraggarwal Updated Position of the Mute Button
pulkitraggarwal Few Corrections, in the code.
pulkitraggarwal Modified the Mute button Like the Cheat I implemented the Mute button but for some reason I am unable to enable the checkbox. Could someone kindly look into it
pulkitraggarwal Added the mute option in the toolbar
pulkitraggarwal Updated the location of the mute button
pulkitraggarwal Fixed the whitespaces
pulkitraggarwal WIDX_MUTE Improvements
IntelOrca Add ear toolbar icon to g2
IntelOrca Fix toolbar strings and use new icon
IntelOrca Adjust group box on interface options page
IntelOrca Fix mute / unmute logic
IntelOrca Revert "fix and refactor DrawRLESprite2 (#5396)" as it broke water rendering This reverts commit fde3c8a3ed30b91e3c5056a1a37905a5689abdd9.
IntelOrca Fix top toolbar tool switching Moved tool active checks to top toolbar so that it can use constants.
IntelOrca Change mute widget index to its more logical position
IntelOrca Update changelog [ci skip]
IntelOrca Merge pull request #5415 from IntelOrca/feature/mute-toolbar Add mute button to toolbar
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
IntelOrca Fix #5421: Keyboard shortcuts are not working properly Update magic numbers, change some to actually open window instead of delegating to the top toolbar.
zaxcav Prevent peeps walking up and back down ride queues (#5423) This bug is caused by inconsistent use of peep->interactionRideIndex. The primary use of this value is to record when a peep has decided to go on the ride at the queue entrance so they remember that decision when entering each queue path tile - without this they would re-decide whether to go on the ride each time they walk into a new ride queue tile. This is also important for making the peeps walk up and back out of the queue when the ride is closed. This value is also set when a peep decides not to go on a ride (though the reason why is not clear to me), but is not reset/changed on interaction with other tile types (e.g. shops, no entry signs, etc) causing peeps who bounce back on a ride queue entrance to walk up and down the queue. Fixes #3499 Requires new network version.
janisozaur Update network version to 20 after #5423
zaxcav Ignore wide flags on patrol zone edges in path finding heuristic, fixes #5414 Wide path flags in patrol zones can divide the paths with an uncrossable boundary. Ignore wide flags on the patrol zone edges to provide doorways for mechanics through these boundaries without otherwise affecting the path finding heuristic. Fixes #5414. Requires new network version.
marijnvdwerf Add compile-time checked constants for widget ids
marijnvdwerf Replace magic numbers in windows with constants
xp4xbox Replace Giga Sprites With Improved Ones
Gymnasiast Add booster sprites and drawing routines to the mini roller coaster
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
zaxcav Improve ignoring wide flags on patrol zone edges This is a minor improvement to #5424. The zone edge detection is expanded to also check the diagonal neighbouring tiles so that the fix in #5242 also works for tiles on an internal corner of a patrol zone.
Gymnasiast Increase network version
IntelOrca Use a file pattern as it appears to now be supported in VS
marijnvdwerf Use enum for tools
marijnvdwerf Use constants for maze construction
marijnvdwerf Use rct_widgetindex type
janisozaur Merge branch 'develop' into master
janisozaur Release v0.0.7 - Feature: [#1730] Keyboard shortcuts for track construction. - Feature: [#2060, #5282] Heightmap loader - Feature: [#5110] The tile inspector can now be used in multiplayer. - Feature: [#5305] Add scenery eye dropper tool. - Feature: [#5370] Ride operating mode can be set from the console. - Feature: [#5415] Add mute toolbar button (as seen in RCT1 and Locomotion). - Improved: [#5254] Scenario option changes are now synchronised over multiplayer. - Improved: [#3288] Added server description and greeting textboxes to the start server menu. - Improved: [#3502] Track previews display at higher zoom level for large layouts. - Improved: [#5055] Implement 'quick demolish' for rides. - Improved: [#5137] Removing all guests no longer closes the rides and removes the vehicles. - Improved: [#5163] Minor tile inspector improvements and fixes. - Improved: [#5222] Add Catalan language. - Improved: [#5351] Giga Coaster and Steel Twister RC boosters now use the correct sprites. - Improved: Looping RC and Corkscrew RC now use booster sprites from RCT1's CSG1.DAT if available. - Improved: Scenario options are now synced in multiplayer. - Improved: Remove duplicate ride penalty for closed rides. - Improved: Make shortcut keys window larger and resizable. - Removed: known_issues.txt no longer used, check issue tracker on GitHub. - Fix: [#1992] Felicity Anderson Cheat can crash the game, as well as blocking queues. - Fix: [#4493] Provide tooltip for disabled price field. - Fix: [#4689] Object selection tabs sometimes flicker. - Fix: [#4913] Server greeting displaying local setting. - Fix: [#4972] Map window not updated properly when shrinking map from Map Generation window. - Fix: [#5004] Peeps in parks imported from RCT1 show abnormalities. - Fix: [#5014] Research not imported from RCT1 correctly. - Fix: [#5032] Booster speed is not saved in TD6. - Fix: [#5140] Headless server should save default users.json. - Fix: [#5150] --openrct-data-path sets user data path instead of OpenRCT2 data path. - Fix: [#5169] Parks containing packed objects fail to open. - Fix: [#5199] "Force a breakdown" debugging tool isn't hidden in multiplayer. - Fix: [#5188] Clicking on a Magic Carpet doesn't open the ride window. - Fix: [#5218] Scale RCT1 park value objectives. - Fix: [#5219] Game crashes when opening 'misc' tab in options. - Fix: [#5238] RCT1 import: Rides are initially free when placing them. - Fix: [#5252] Correct typo in Conger Eel Coaster description. - Fix: [#5265] Queue line TVs not detected properly. - Fix: [#5271] Keyboard shortcuts window isn't large enough (for some languages). - Fix: [#5284] Mechanic is called to fix a ride that's outside his patrol area. - Fix: [#5285] Intro always plays even if play_intro = false. - Fix: [#5299] Scenario editor crash when placing peep spawn. - Fix: [#5318] Using the bulldozer tool on under-construction paths results in unlimited free money. - Fix: [#5325] Game crashes if encountering an invalid ride type during research. - Fix: [#5345] Correct typos in descriptions for Top Spin and Splash Boats. - Fix: [#5350] Steel Twister RC and Giga Coaster boosters are underpowered, Junior Roller Coaster boosters overpowered compared to RCTC. - Fix: [#5357] "Assertion failed!" after guest with name 'Emma Garrell' exits/enters ride. - Fix: Walls do not import from RCT1 correctly in pause mode. - Fix: Extraneous window tabs show up on MacOS 10.12. - Fix: Potential for integer overflow in ride length. - Fix: Vehicles erroneously removed when removing all guests. - Technical: INI configuration file now case-insensitive. - Technical: Remove version build from msbuild & NSIS.