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Changes in this build

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IntelOrca Merge pull request #4782 from marijnvdwerf/clean/colour-filters Clean up colour filters
Gymnasiast Increase network version
marijnvdwerf Use constant for black strings
marijnvdwerf Use more constants for text colours
janisozaur Plug memleak in OpenGLDrawingEngine
janisozaur Remove unused enum from network.cpp
janisozaur Merge RCT2_LANGUAGE_* definitions into one
janisozaur Unify key modifiers definition
janisozaur Add include guards to headers missing it
janisozaur Rename some static tables
janisozaur Merge OBJ_STRING_ID enums into one
janisozaur Remove trailing whitespace in sources
janisozaur Merge pull request #4798 from janisozaur/refactors A collection of minor refactors + one plug for memleak
janisozaur Rename map_get_corner_height
Gymnasiast Skip null rides when checking for select-by-track-type, fixes #4796
marijnvdwerf Use more constants for drawing arguments
duncanspumpkin Fix #4777: Check for enough free elements before placement Previously multi tiled placements would only check for one free element before placing. This would cause a crash when it failed to allocate the next element on maps that were close to reaching their full capacity. Renamed sub_68B044 to map_check_free_elements_and_organise and gave it an argument value to check for enough free elements.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
Gymnasiast Merge cheats in console, pathfinding improvements
Gymnasiast Raise Junior RC height limit to 14 units, fixes #4686
Gymnasiast Merge pull request #4779 from wolfreak99/load_game_or_sc6 Display and load sc6 files in "load game" browser
Gymnasiast Fix saves having multiple extensions
IntelOrca Merge pull request #4737 from Broxzier/copy_element Copy/paste single elements
Gymnasiast Fix import of RCT1 Lay-down Roller Coaster To make matters confusing, what is called a Lay-down RC in RCT2 is called a Flying RC in RCT1. There is no relation with the Flying RC in RCT2
Gymnasiast Update changelog.txt
marijnvdwerf Fix #1238: Track placement window cannot be themed
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
marijnvdwerf Name font flags
Gymnasiast Allow 3 cars per train on the Rocket cars
marijnvdwerf Pass palette index to gfx_clear
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
Gymnasiast Label OpenGL experimental, fixes #4716
janisozaur Validate parameters passed to game commands (#4814)
Overv Fixes #4808: Add land rights recalculation for loading save games The feature of disabling the land rights buying buttons depends on the land rights being accounted for, but the function that calculates these was not called when loading saved games. Therefore it would often make it impossible to buy land after loading a saved game.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
janisozaur Prevent variable underflow in path_end_with_separator
duncanspumpkin Refactor place scenery
duncanspumpkin Label known register uses
duncanspumpkin Fix #4820. Fix banner signs build cost. Issue was caused by an incorrect read (only 1 byte instead of 2) of the legacy banner data during object loading. Note this would have caused the scenery_tab_id and string table to possibly have corrupted data.
Gymnasiast Increase network version to prevent desyncs due to 90dbcdb
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
IntelOrca Update
IntelOrca Update
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
PFCKrutonium Add PowerPC to list of architectures in version.h PowerPC is not supported yet, but it's getting closer.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
IntelOrca Allow building for both VS2015 and VS2017
janisozaur Fix compilation of LightFX with GCC
janisozaur Move utf-related functions to utf8.c This makes utf8.c standalone (not requiring any external symbols)
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
Gymnasiast Fix special cases for ride photos when looking up uniform price, fixes #933
janisozaur Refactor sawyercoding
duncanspumpkin Fix motion simulator vehicle colours. Due to a mistake during implementation the vehicle colour of the motion simulator was the wrong way around. The trim colour was applied to the body and vice versa. Issue noticed by reddit user.
duncanspumpkin Remove redundant variable
duncanspumpkin Merge pull request #4809 from duncanspumpkin/refactor Refactor place scenery
janisozaur Add .clang-format style file (#4836) [ci skip]
duncanspumpkin Fix #4838. Prevent leaving ghosts with small scenery Issue was caused by placing two ghost scenery items when using the scenery placement tool. The ghost clean up code would only remove the first ghost and leave the second ghost. Mistake caused when refactoring. Incorrect use of NOT and AND.
janisozaur Ensure includes are used when needed
janisozaur Remove some unused headers
Gymnasiast Add note about full implementation
janisozaur Fix Windows builds due to missing header
janisozaur Return valid value from `strlogicalcmp` even if `assert` is hit
janisozaur Merge pull request #4846 from janisozaur/include Fix includes
marijnvdwerf Update hooks to return CPU flags
janisozaur Fix call to `realpath` in `posix.c`
janisozaur Extract common parts from rct2.h to common.h
janisozaur Move font-related code out from language.cpp
LRFLEW Update Xcode Project
janisozaur Extract format_codes to its own file
marijnvdwerf Update Xcode project
janisozaur Sort includes
janisozaur Add first test for sawyercoding
janisozaur Add CMakeLists.txt file for tests
janisozaur Download and compile our own gtest
janisozaur Run tests on travis
janisozaur Improve sawyercoding_test.cpp
janisozaur Improve tests' CMakeLists.txt
janisozaur Add LanguagePackTest
janisozaur Add multibyte LanguagePack test
janisozaur Extend LanguagePack test with negative tests
IntelOrca Get tests to build for Windows and VS
IntelOrca Move a lot of the common properties to a shared props file
IntelOrca Move file listing to the bottom of openrct2.vcxproj
IntelOrca Add test configurations
IntelOrca Force UTF-8 compile and fix manifest DPI
IntelOrca Automatically download googletest
IntelOrca Add test target
IntelOrca Run tests on AppVeyor
IntelOrca Fix main function
IntelOrca Do not assert when testing
janisozaur Convert tests to class + fixtures This makes test data not require `extern`
janisozaur Verify decoded chunk length
IntelOrca Abort if assert is hit in tests
janisozaur Merge pull request janisozaur/OpenRCT2#23 Add msbuild / msvc / windows support for tests
IntelOrca Rollback AppVeyor platform update
duncanspumpkin Readd addresses header to allow RCT2 builds
IntelOrca Fix AppVeyor for testing
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
janisozaur Fix #4793: Inventions list broken This reverts commit 3f767ed8ff2 and replaces it with exact check that doesn't trigger array-bounds GCC warning with `-O3`
IntelOrca Define subsystem for release configuration
IntelOrca Fix machine not specified warning
janisozaur Merge pull request #4835 from janisozaur/tests Add tests
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
zsilencer Fix #4852: Clicking on the hook icon for a person does not return it to the original location (#4854)
IntelOrca Resolve #4856: Mention Dump File Location in Readme
n42k Fix platform_get_locale_temperature_format() in windows.c
wolfreak99 Clip all scenery images in scenery window to prevent overflow/overlap
IntelOrca Fix #4863: Build fails when using VS 2017 RC
IntelOrca Refactor RCT2 interop code to new source
IntelOrca Refactor sprite tween logic out openrct2.c
IntelOrca Move RCT2 file copy into rct2.c
Broxzier Fix typo in msbuild command
gileswells Fix spelling error [ci skip]
marijnvdwerf Update Xcode project
IntelOrca Merge pull request #4867 from IntelOrca/refactor/openrct2-c Refactor openrct2.c
duncanspumpkin Fix #4819. Prevent peep queue loops when next_in_queue broken.
IntelOrca Add vscode launch configuration [ci skip]
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
IntelOrca Don't return pointer to local variable
IntelOrca Fix #4874: OpenRCT fails to launch if no .config folder exists... Change platform_ensure_directory_exists to create the directory chain given, e.g. mkdir -p. Based on
IntelOrca Add x40 to makeico.linq
Nubbie Fix #4817: Game icon looking blurry with windows scaling feature at 125%
IntelOrca Add PlatformEnvironment interface and enums
IntelOrca Add PlatformEnvironment implementation
IntelOrca Use IPlatformEnvironment for ObjectRepository
IntelOrca Use enum class instead of enum
IntelOrca Use PlatformEnvironment for ScenarioRepository
IntelOrca Rename openrct2.c h to OpenRCT2.c h
IntelOrca Refactor OpenRCT2.cpp
IntelOrca Create repositories in OpenRCT2.c
IntelOrca Use PlatformEnvironment for track design repository
IntelOrca Use correct directory base
IntelOrca Refactor PlatformEnvironment
IntelOrca Fix case of openrct2.h
IntelOrca Fix writing of string values to console
IntelOrca Fix code style
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
LRFLEW Update Xcode Project
IntelOrca Remove obsolete assert
IntelOrca Merge pull request #4873 from IntelOrca/refactor/file_paths Abstract paths to IPlatformEnvironment interface
janisozaur Update 32 bit Dockerfile for libzip
janisozaur Drop unused RCT_CALL* wrappers
janisozaur Add Dockerfiles with Ubuntu 16.04 for mingw, i686, amd64 [ci skip]
IntelOrca Merge pull request #4880 from janisozaur/unused-wrappers Drop unused RCT_CALL* wrappers
janisozaur Migrate Linux Travis-CI jobs to docker containers
IntelOrca Enable all C++ features for MSVC
IntelOrca Add libzip to includes for VS project
IntelOrca Read script.txt from zip files
IntelOrca Define ZIP_STATIC
IntelOrca Write new code for loading title sequence ZIPs
IntelOrca Refactor a large amount of title sequence loading Still not yet able to load parks from zip.
IntelOrca Get parks loading from ZIP working
IntelOrca Refactor title.c, don't bother with byte script anymore
IntelOrca Sort sequences correctly
IntelOrca Fix sequence selection
IntelOrca Scan user path as well for sequences
janisozaur Fix compilation errors with GCC
janisozaur Make CMake require and link libzip
janisozaur Add libzip-dev as a dependency to debian control file
IntelOrca Handle broken title sequences
IntelOrca Reinstate support for title sequence folders
IntelOrca Extract zip handling to interface
IntelOrca Implement zip writing and title sequence saving
IntelOrca Get title sequence editor kind of working
IntelOrca Refactor title sequence player to new class
IntelOrca Refactor title editor window
IntelOrca Fix seeking
IntelOrca Clean up title editor some more
IntelOrca Get rename and delete working
IntelOrca Fix loading of saved games from title editor
IntelOrca Fix duplicate sequence
IntelOrca Fix creation of new title sequences
IntelOrca Fix creation of new title sequence
IntelOrca Remove title editor specific code from loadsave window This involved removing any logic performed in loadsave for loading saved games and moving them to callback routines for all uses.
IntelOrca Fix rebase errors
IntelOrca Fix moving commands around and saving the sequence
IntelOrca Fix deleting of commands
IntelOrca Fix duplicate saving to wrong directory
IntelOrca Refactor widget enum
IntelOrca Fix add park to sequence
IntelOrca Fix deleting parks from sequence
IntelOrca Refactor platform calls to File
IntelOrca Fix LOAD commands after removing a park from sequence
IntelOrca Fix sequence command editor window
IntelOrca Remove old title sequence code
IntelOrca Fix x86 build
IntelOrca Fix rename park in sequence
IntelOrca Forward declare TitleSequence in window.h
IntelOrca Remove unused variables
LRFLEW Fix Compilation Issues
IntelOrca Use new dependencies tag
IntelOrca Fix rebase errors
IntelOrca Move scenario sources to sub directory
IntelOrca Move addresses and hook into rct2 sub directory
IntelOrca Fix header include casing
janisozaur Update MinGW libraries hash to match new zip See
jensj12 Fix high lateral G-forces penalty
Gymnasiast Add fix for high lateral G-forces penalty to changelog
marijnvdwerf Update Xcode project
marijnvdwerf Embed libzip framework
IntelOrca Merge pull request #4792 from IntelOrca/feature/title-sequence-zip Read title sequence from ZIP files
Gymnasiast Fix #4883: Check if the map element is null before checking rights
IntelOrca Remove VS project user file
IntelOrca Load language before repository scans
janisozaur Use VS2017RC beta image on appveyor
IntelOrca Fix #4884: Build hash info at intro is empty Caused by a small bug in String::AppendFormat.
IntelOrca Remove title sequences
IntelOrca Automatically download title sequences in msbuild
janisozaur Make docker images use the same path as host for build
LRFLEW Update Xcode Project
janisozaur Fix directory permissions, do `make install`
IntelOrca Write new task for downloading dependencies
janisozaur Add version check for libzip in CMakeLists.txt
janisozaur Apply make flags to all jobs This also adds `-k` to flags, which makes `make` not bail out on first error, but rather continue compilation.
janisozaur Fix missing semicolon in travis.yml
IntelOrca Use DownloadDependency for libs and gtest
IntelOrca Fix DownloadDependency task for VS2017 RC
marijnvdwerf Fix prepended wooden supports
janisozaur Plug memory leaks
janisozaur Initialise fields to safe values
janisozaur Fix erroneous fallthrough in TitleSequence.cpp
janisozaur Download and extract title sequence in `make install`
IntelOrca Merge pull request #4895 from janisozaur/fixes memory leak plugs, initialisation of fields
IntelOrca Remove sequencesversion from .gitignore .dependencies is used instead.
IntelOrca Merge pull request #4887 from IntelOrca/use-external-title-sequences Use external title sequences repository
janisozaur Fix #4891: Crash at loading save file Caused by `_listItems` getting `free`d (and set to `NULL`) before it was used. Regression introduced in 11a2b98e58.
IntelOrca Fix loading of RCT1 parks from command line
IntelOrca Fix #4898: Crash when title sequences are missing
grahamedgecombe Obey DESTDIR during title sequence installation (#4899) The $ is escaped to delay evaluation of DESTDIR until runtime. It's typically only specified when `make install` runs - not during the cmake invocation itself.
sjorsvb Added libzip to Homebrew build instructions. [ci skip]
janisozaur Fix typo in CMakeLists.txt
IntelOrca Fix #4910: Title sequences get labelled incorrectly in game options
IntelOrca Fix #4902: Title Sequences hang when no waits are in, or loading single save
IntelOrca Fix #4893: Assertion failed if no RCT2 directory selected on startup Bit of a hack, temporary until ObjectManager gets same initialisation treatment as ObjectRepository.
IntelOrca Remove unused variable
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
IntelOrca Fix title sequence not updating
IntelOrca Fix restart command skipping first command in title sequence
LRFLEW Add Importing of RCTC scenarios (#4905)
Gymnasiast Load SV6 files with incorrect checksum if the user has enabled that option
Gymnasiast Add track elem constant for the RCTC booster
janisozaur Fix #4917: Crash when opening research
janisozaur Fix #4920: Crash in peep pathfinding
IntelOrca Enable visual styles for Windows Fixes an issue where message boxes used classic Windows style buttons.
janisozaur Prevent invalid access in malformed objects
janisozaur Update changelog.txt [ci skip]
janisozaur Temporarily disable branch info for release
janisozaur Merge branch 'pre-release'
janisozaur Release v0.0.5 This is the first fully implemented version of OpenRCT2. RCT2.EXE is no longer required. - Feature: Ability to disable rendering of weather effects and gloom - Feature: New view option: "See-Through Paths" - Feature: Add cheat to reset date. - Feature: Add OpenGL drawing engine. - Feature: Implementation of the user-defined currency - Feature: Extended tile inspector. - Feature: Add ride console command for diagnostics and changing vehicle type. - Feature: Allow selecting corners when using the mountain tool. - Feature: Allow setting ownership of map edges. - Feature: Allow up to 255 cars per train. - Feature: Importing SV4 and SC4 files with rides. - Feature: Filter Object Selection Window by "Selected only" and "Non-selected only" - Feature: Allow raising terrain to 64 in-game units. - Feature: Assymmetric-key-based authorisation and assignment storage. - Feature: Add Norwegian translation. - Feature: Add cheat to disable littering. - Feature: Add Cheat to disable plant aging. - Feature: Add Cheat that allows any track piece to use a chain lift. - Feature: Add Console command to set vehicle friction. - Feature: Add console command to set scenario initial cash. - Feature: Objects are scanned from the user directory as well as the RCT2 directory. - Feature: Objects directory is scanned recursively. - Feature: Optionally zoom in towards the cursor rather than the screen centre. - Change: The maximum height of Junior Roller Coasters is now 14 units, like it was in RCT1. - Improved: Pathfinding algorithm. - Improved: Performance and reliability of loading objects. - Improved: Screenshots are now saved with the name of the park and the current date and time. - Improved: More accurate frame rate calculation - Improved: In-game file dialog now shows more formats (sv6, sc6, sv4, etc.) - Improved: Joining multiplayer will not redownload custom objects - Removed: BMP screenshots. - Removed: Intamin and Phoenix easter eggs. - Fix: [#933] On-ride photo price sometimes gets reset to £2 when using 'same price in whole park' (original bug). - Fix: [#1038] Guest List is out of order. - Fix: [#1238] Track place window does not fully adjust to custom colour scheme. - Fix: [#2042] Guests entering queues are immediately annoyed when many entertainers are around (original bug). - Fix: [#2081] Game hangs when track has infinite loop. - Fix: [#2754] Dragging scrollview fails when scaled. - Fix: [#3210] Scenery window scrolls too far. - Fix: [#3282] Launched Freefall ride ratings are fixed for Downward Launch (original bug). - Fix: [#3307] Ride music and sound has degraded since RCT2. - Fix: [#3344] Build new ride window can be opened in scenario editor. - Fix: [#3347] Ride windows are auto-positioned below the HUD when using RCT1 lights. - Fix: [#3352] Assertion triggered while fixing surface tiles. - Fix: [#3361] Missing Twister coaster piece. - Fix: [#3418] Launched freefall restraints are drawn incorrectly when up (original bug). - Fix: [#3451] Renaming staff is a guest command. - Fix: [#3635] Inspecting sidewalk path crashes game. - Fix: [#3735] Advertisement campaign window bug. - Fix: [#3771] Crash when kicking player in multiplayer. - Fix: [#3824] Segfault when passing invalid arguments to ride set type. - Fix: [#3858] Tooltip shown when hovering over title logo. - Fix: [#3915] Restore horizontal and vertical scrollbar behaviour from RCT2 when clicking on one of the scrollbars. - Fix: Lay-down Roller Coasters from RCT1 saves are imported with an incorrect vehicle type (not reported). - Fix: High lateral G-forces penalty applied too early (not reported). - Technical: Multiplayer groups are now stored in JSON format. - Technical: MinGW builds dropped support for Windows XP