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Available since: 2017-08-09 22:10:27 (5 months ago)

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Linux x86 OpenRCT2-0.1.1-linux-i686.tar.gz c79e6fed2… 9.64 MB
Android X86 and X86_64 OpenRCT2-0.1.1-android-x86.apk a85bafed0… 10.86 MB
Android ARM and ARM64 OpenRCT2-0.1.1-android-arm.apk 21a0c3bf5… 10.21 MB
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Changes in this build

Author Message
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
IntelOrca Move rct2_update into Context
IntelOrca Move rct2_init and rct2_dispose into Context
IntelOrca Move copying of user files to Context.cpp
IntelOrca Move rct2_open_file to Context
IntelOrca Remove startup checks
IntelOrca Remove more redundant platform functions
IntelOrca Refactor rct2_draw to a new Painter class Right now this is created for each drawing engine, but should eventually be a dependency into them.
IntelOrca Remove subsitute_path and refactor gScenarioFilename
IntelOrca Remove path char arrays which are no longer used
IntelOrca Use IPlatformEnvironment for loading g1.dat
IntelOrca Invert Painter dependency Make painter call into the drawing engine, rather than the drawing engine create and call the painter.
Gymnasiast Add Painter.cpp and Painter.h to Xcode project
Broxzier Fix #5920: set correct next peep spawn index
Gymnasiast Turn ride->entrances into an rct_xy8
Gymnasiast Change ride->exit into an rct_xy8, cleanup
rwjuk Fix #5849: Missing object window cannot be closed with KB shortcut (#5929)
jansegre Fix #5924: don't show " (DEBUG)" if DEBUG is set but is 0. Signed-off-by: Jan Segre <>
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
Gymnasiast Clean up rct_ride and rct1_ride structs and usage
Gymnasiast Increase network version because of reliability fixes
IntelOrca Merge pull request #5906 from IntelOrca/refactor/rct2 Move functions out of rct2.c
Gymnasiast Change ride->overallview to an rct_xy8
Gymnasiast Change station_starts to an rct_xy8
Gymnasiast Make ride_entrance_exit_is_reachable() accept an rct_xy8
wolfreak99 Remove extra CHEATS_MONEY_INCREMENT, prefix MONEY_DEFAULT/etc with CHEATS_
wolfreak99 Move windows/cheats.c/MONEY_DIGITS to localisation.h/MONEY_STRING_MAXLENGTH
ZehMatt Fix game not allowing to catch up if rendering is slow. Refactored game_update to use the given parameters from context.
Gymnasiast Fix incorrect terminology
Gymnasiast Clean up enabledPieces usage
IntelOrca Fix #5939: Crash when importing 'Six Flags Santa Fe' Protect fix_invalid_vehicle_sprite_sizes from invalid vehicle chains.
janisozaur Cache last visited node in paint_arrange_structs This commit caches the last visited node in paint_arrange_structs and in paint_arrange_structs_helper, which allows skipping iterating over long linked lists that don't work well with modern CPU caches. This is especially useful, if the list is walked just to be discarded in the end. This improves performance across the board, the busier the park, the higher performance improvement. I have verified this producing pixel-perfect results with ones before this change by dumping giant screenshot on various parks in all zooms, all rotations. Results collected running before and after this change with `benchgfx` command ( on current title sequence, YMMV. **Park**|**Before**|**After**|**Delta** :-----:|:-----:|:-----:|:-----: Maian\_SOSDragon.sv6|2.80|2.43|-13.2% Maian\_SOSFrosty.sv6|3.53|3.02|-14.4% Maian\_SOSParabola.sv6|4.16|3.45|-17.1% MrB.sv6|5.52|4.52|-18.1% SpacekKing.sv6|8.53|6.52|-23.6% SpacekMaple.sv6|7.18|5.75|-19.9% SpacekMission.sv6|4.41|3.43|-22.2% SpacekParadise.sv6|9.01|6.36|-29.4% SpacekSwimmers.sv6|4.11|2.97|-27.7% Stosky.sv6|3.34|2.36|-29.3% | | | **Average**|**5.26**|**4.08**|**-21.5%**
Gymnasiast Clean up some rct_xy8 usage; formatting (#5941)
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
Gymnasiast Create find_first_non_null_station_index()
rwjuk Implement #5855: Display source game in missing obj window
Gymnasiast Fix #5946: assertion hit when building new ride
IntelOrca Define NDEBUG on Windows
IntelOrca Merge pull request #5925 from jansegre/develop Fix: don't show " (DEBUG)" if DEBUG is set but is 0.
Gymnasiast Fix incorrect use of defines
Gymnasiast Import rides in SV6 files per ride and per field
Gymnasiast Name and fix vehicle entry and tertiary colour flags
Mailaender Add $LIB_SUFFIX to install into right directory (#5915)
Gymnasiast Fix typos in (unused) defines and comment
IntelOrca Fix premature deletion of dependencies (#5952) In particular, the object repository can potentially be deleted before the object manager is deleted. This causes a crash when the object manager is deleted because it requires the object repository within the destructor.
janisozaur Make drawing loop only depend on loop counter (#5954)
janisozaur Manually hoist consts before the loop It is optimised in release builds, but it will help in debug mode
Gymnasiast Use remap flags, SPRITE_ID_PALETTE_COLOUR_1 and _2 in many more places
Gymnasiast Fix rides not breaking down
ccoors Fix newline for sprite command (#5965)
IntelOrca Fix #5966: Issue with Ride Time
IntelOrca Fix #5880: Leaving bumper cars without building causes assertion Protect vehicle_update_sound against invalid ride type.
Keatzee Fix #4301: Remove leading/trailing space from playername
IntelOrca Use std::string for player name Removes memory leak.
IntelOrca Update changelog [ci skip]
IntelOrca Merge pull request #5777 from Keatzee/fix-4301 Fix #4301: Remove leading/trailing whitespace from playername
Chaosmeister Fix #4455: Crash in window_sign_invalidate due to original bug (#5969) Add missing `& MAP_ELEMENT_LARGE_TYPE_MASK`
ZehMatt Refactored some variables around paint_arrange_structs. (#5876)
CharlesLove Fix #5881: gCheatsUnlockAllPrices persists when loading new scenarios
Gymnasiast Allow on-ride photo segments on Bobsleighs
Gymnasiast Add Bobsleigh RC on ride photos to changelog [ci skip]
IntelOrca Make TitleScreen a class (#5971)
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
wolfreak99 Define DROPDOWN_ITEMS_MAX_SIZE This defines the current limitation of dropdown items.
wolfreak99 Overflow dropdowns with 32+items into columns After about 32+ items, lists can sometimes go off screen. This commit modifies the text based dropdowns loosely based off the code from the image dropdowns. I've also added _dropdown_list_vertically to allow text lists to continue to remain in an up-to-down format and images to remain in a left-to-right format.
wolfreak99 Add "Ignore research status" cheat
IntelOrca Fix #5973: Headless Servers lost the ability to load Scenarios
Gymnasiast Replace SPR_METAL_PLATE with SPR_STATION_BASE_D and use it throughout (#5978)
Gymnasiast Make entrance/exit position list use MAX_STATIONS
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
Gymnasiast Correct 'Haunted Harbour' identifier
Gymnasiast Changelog: fix order
Gymnasiast Clean up dropdowns Uses constants in more places. Most of the changes were taken from a PR by @wolfreak99
Gymnasiast Reinstate 'Long term contributors' section
Gymnasiast Add PFCKrutonium to long-term contributors
janisozaur Add /permissive- switch to MSVC MSVC2017 has a new compiler switch to become more conformant. See On MSVC2015 (as used currently in our AppVeyor setup) this switch is safely ignored. This should help reduce the need to fix build errors only found on Travis et al.
ZehMatt Fix ride previews going out of bounds.
Gymnasiast Change _countof to countof
janisozaur Switch to deployment from MSVC2017 [ci skip]
janisozaur Use MSVC2017 by default
Gymnasiast Make gDropdownItemsChecked and gDropdownItemsDisabled static
Gymnasiast Fix #5985: Entertainer custome dropdown has no checked item
ZehMatt Fix #5977: Custom music files not showing up in music list
Gymnasiast Raise dropdown limit to 128
janisozaur Manually enable some warnings in MSVC
janisozaur Fix the warnings section
janisozaur Add more warnings to MSVC
janisozaur Lift C4548 for FD_SET Others encountered that as well: Nothing we can do about it ourselves.
IntelOrca Use dedicated msbuild property for enabling warnings
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
ZehMatt Refactored window flags only being updated every 1000ms.
zsilencer Fix #5984: Allow socket binding to same port after crash
wolfreak99 fix empty dropdowns
wolfreak99 Revise dividing by zero guards
wolfreak99 Move braces onto their own line
Gymnasiast Clean up track designs a bit
Gymnasiast Implement #4135: Rename RC Designer to Track designer and allow more ride types
wolfreak99 Implement dropdown/spinner combo for changing ride type
ccoors Fix build errors
duncanspumpkin Refactor of scenery elements (#5308) Label scenery flags, vars and refactor small scenery into cpp file.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
Gymnasiast Refactor byte_F4414E into separate local bools
rwjuk Fix #6010: Assert triggered when loading SC6 via file assoc
rwjuk Fix #5981: Ride list doesn't update after using quick demolish
lorem-ipsum rename GTEST_INCLUDE_DIR to GTEST_INCLUDE_DIRS GTEST_INCLUDE_DIRS is the name used by the CMake GTest package. This is a preparation for the optional usage of a system installed gtest.
lorem-ipsum add SYSTEM_GTEST option to use gtest of the system This adds a new configure option forcing the system to use googletest installed on the system instead of downloading a version. The default is still to download googletest.
lorem-ipsum reformatting to match if clause reformat the existing code to match the newly introduced indention level
lorem-ipsum add a warning when using system gtest gtest upstream advices against using a globally installed gtest. Make sure the user is aware of this.
Gymnasiast Update references to sub_688217()
Gymnasiast Name map element track sequence flags and use them
Gymnasiast Make doors work with every vehicle, closes #5951
Gymnasiast Fix underflow in sub_68F41A()
Gymnasiast Change growth_rate to target, fix cheats to use them
Gymnasiast Fix what was likely a refactoring error
Kuriibo Keyboard Shortcut for Scenery Remover - #5835 Added a hotkey for the "clear scenery" window. By default, the hotkey is the "b" key (b/c bulldozer).
Kuriibo Added new string for shortcut, validate_global_widx
IntelOrca Update changelog
IntelOrca Merge pull request #5857 from Kuriibo/Fix-5835 Resolve #5835: Add keyboard shortcut for scenery remover
wolfreak99 Fix #6017: ride type spinner not working in multiplayer
ZehMatt Refactored asserts always calling the function regardless of expression.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
wolfreak99 Add name to LTC
Gymnasiast Get and set map element station index via helper functions
rwjuk Merge pull request #6031 from ZehM4tt/assert-refactor Refactored asserts always calling the function regardless of expression.
Gymnasiast Remove direct usage of map element track sequence field
Gymnasiast Create map_get_water_height()
Gymnasiast Fix refactor error
IntelOrca Fix #5998: Staff not getting paid / no loan interest Ensure gDateMonthTicks is always a multiple of 4 so that it does not skip weekly checks.
Keatzee Move autosaves to a subfolder of /save, closes #3209
Gymnasiast Add #6037 to changelog
Gymnasiast Move vehicle preference to RideGroupManager
rwjuk Fix #6021: Unable to colour vehicles individually
Gymnasiast Use map_element_get_direction in more places, create map_element_get_direction_with_offset()
Gymnasiast Remove direct access to small scenery's colour_1 and _2 fields
Gymnasiast Define constants for max energy and happiness, cap energy to 128 instead of 255
duncanspumpkin Fix #6009. Actually check for the correct map element when deleteing. Mistake made during refactor. The old code passed the map element type and quadrant in the same parameter. I refactored it so that it only checked the quadrant.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
rwjuk Fix #6007: 'Felicity Anderson' can affect peeps entering rides
rwjuk Fix applying palette colours; SPRITE_ID_PALETTE_COLOUR_3 to _2
janisozaur Verify queried renderer information
olifre Guard: Mark openrct2_assert as static explicitly. Fixes compilation errors with gcc 4.9.4, which otherwise requires an explicit declaration before the definition.
olifre X8DrawingEngine: Only disable warnings which the compiler supports. This fixes compilation with gcc 4.9.4.
rwjuk Fix #5943: Track preview for mazes not drawn when paused
lorem-ipsum convert install destinations to GNUInstallDirs at least on Linux this makes the build system easily adaptable to the different distributions. GNUInstallDirs was added in cmake 2.8 so the version is increades as well. Testing on all other platforms is necessary, I have only a Linux system at hand right now.
lorem-ipsum add a project definition the project definition is used by cmake to fill the subfolder for ${CMAKE_INSTALL_DOCDIR}.
lorem-ipsum drop man page compression It is easier to add the compression manually when desired as to remove it in all other cases.
Gymnasiast Name some window flag aliases
Gymnasiast Remove unused includes and function declarations from rct2.c and rct2.h Currently, rct2.c doesn't just pull in the kitchen sink, it pulls in half a hardware store. Clean this up as a step towards reserving rct2.c/h for RCT2-specific stuff like SV6 limits.
janisozaur Fix issues in build scripts
janisozaur Fix issues in
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
ZehMatt Fix #5912: Negative queue when moving entrance in paused state. (#6060)
duncanspumpkin Fix #5629: Fix velocity sawtooth on freefall drop station movement Mistake made during implementation.
duncanspumpkin Update change log and increment network
IntelOrca Merge pull request #6068 from duncanspumpkin/fix_5629 Fix 5629: Issue with tower ride modes approach to station
Gymnasiast Fix #6026: 'Select ride to advertise' dropdown does not display all items (#6032) Show up to 128 open rides in the New Campaign dropdown.
ZehMatt Fix #5865: input being handled too early (#6020)
ZehMatt Fix #6052: Unable to place entrance/exit on certain ride types.
ZehMatt Refactored constants to named flags.
ZehMatt Increment network version.
IntelOrca Merge pull request #6057 from ZehM4tt/fix-6052 Fix #6052: Unable to place entrance/exit on certain ride types. The issue is caused by ride types that don't automatically close the construction window which leads to execute following condition: Which later executes GAME_COMMAND_REMOVE_TRACK with the ghost flag set: But then ignores the ghost flag and removes the entrances. I've also refactored the flags to use the actual named flags.
jensj12 Calculate cost of all affected tiles in smooth_land This makes the mountain tool calculate the cost properly. Fixes #2229,
jensj12 Landscaping costs $5 per quarter cell Change the landscaping cost to be $5 per quarter cell changed. This normalizes the cost for the maintain tool.
jensj12 Update text files and network version
jensj12 Show error if too high/low Behaviour now matches that of the non-mountain land tool. Provide define for min/max land height and fix a bug where the mountain tool would incorrect raise/lower land.
jensj12 Use other game commands for error messages Errors in game_command_raise/lower_land will now be passed on in smooth_land. Removes need for error checking elsewhere
jensj12 Put copied code in function Saves a few lines of code
jensj12 Replace mountain tool algorithm Fixes #2225. The mountain tool will now stop at land edges. It also improves the performance of the mountain tool.
jensj12 Fix cases where land would not be smoothed properly
jensj12 Bugfix
jensj12 Changelog entry
rwjuk Display a warning dialog if user runs program elevated (#6063)
IntelOrca Fix #6069: Title screen is black when there are no title sequences No palette was loaded, so load it in game_init_all.
IntelOrca Fix #6047: Scrolling in spin boxes does not work any more Regression from #5775.
IntelOrca Move get_file_extension_type to FileClassifier.h
IntelOrca Move rct2_quit to Context
IntelOrca Move path related functions to Context.cpp - rct2_init_directories - get_file_path
IntelOrca Move screen variables to OpenRCT2.h
ZehMatt Refactored openrct2_assert to not rely on inlining. (#6061)
jensj12 Use sint32 instead of int
IntelOrca Merge pull request #6070 from jensj12/landscaping-v4 Implement #2225: Change mountain tool to ignore higher surrounding tiles
rwjuk Xcode fix
janisozaur Initialise various fields and variables
janisozaur Properly dispose of TitleSequencePlayer to plug memleak
janisozaur Properly dispose of AudioMixer to plug memleak
janisozaur Ensure DummyUiContext deletes allocated resources
janisozaur Ensure UiContext deletes allocated resources
janisozaur Delete ParkLoadResult after it's been used
janisozaur Fix wrong mouse button being released on FingerUp event
wolfreak99 Fix #6071: quick demolish can delete protected ride
wolfreak99 Format game_command_demolish_ride
wolfreak99 Bump network version
wolfreak99 Add to changelog
IntelOrca Merge pull request #6065 from IntelOrca/refactor/remove-rct2.c Move remaining functions out rct2.c
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
Gymnasiast Clean up vehicle flags (#6058)
rwjuk Fix #6050: Crash on placing scenery clusters on water near map edge (#6053) Guard against null map elements when placing small scenery.
ibara Reduce strength of an OpenBSD-specific comment [ci skip] Change "must" to "may have to," pointed out by a user.
janisozaur Verify decoded SawyerChunks
Chaosmeister prevent infinite loop while fixing invalid research items research_remove() does not expect any items between RESEARCHED_ITEMS_END & RESEARCHED_ITEMS_END_2, so make sure, the next item is RESEARCHED_ITEMS_END_2 fix infinite loop while loading the save file from #5311
janisozaur Check validity of dropdown indices (#6087) Happens e.g. in server list browser
janisozaur Fix #4697: Ensure track designs are saved and read properly Previous code only set one byte as an end marker, but read and compared to 4 bytes, which could cause track design to become malformed.
janisozaur Fix #5931: Money overflow when placing track design
janisozaur Initialise rct_object_entry with empty struct
janisozaur Remove superfluous checks from track_design.c
janisozaur Remove superfluous check from track_design_save.c
janisozaur Verify size of objects sent/requested (#6076)
Gymnasiast Fix cast to bool in map element functions
Chaosmeister ensure validity instead of asserting invalidity.
wolfreak99 Update
rwjuk Merge pull request #6105 from wolfreak99/patch-1 Update
janisozaur Extend multilaunch test to perform game_logic_updates
janisozaur Call game_load_init() in multilaunch test
duncanspumpkin Fix #5890. Primary and secondary colours now work in zoomed opengl. (#6109) Mistake made due to a missunderstanding of how the software renderer works. At this point in the software renderer the primary and secondary colours are already calculated into the palette so can be ignored. In opengl the colours still need to be passed to the command queue. Fixes #4715 as well. Update changelog
IntelOrca Fix #6111: Mute button always visible in editor
janisozaur Free listen_address when releasing config
janisozaur Improve multilaunch test to delete the load result
janisozaur Make multilaunch retest ride count after some updates
janisozaur Reset the string builder rather than overwrite it
rwjuk Merge pull request #6088 from Chaosmeister/develop prevent infinite loop while fixing invalid research items
janisozaur Validate more inputs to SawyerChunk handlers
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
janisozaur Fix broken assert in decode_chunk_repeat
Gymnasiast Fix #6113: track list preview shows incorrect heighest drop height
wolfreak99 Add OpenRCT2 information and changelog to About window
Gymnasiast Improve tabs, alignment, remove now-unnecessary information and strings Removes RCT2 version string, Infogrames credits and logo, removes strings for aforementioned info. Moves OpenRCT2 version string to under the Changelog... button, rewords and fixes some of the strings
IntelOrca Merge pull request #6098 from wolfreak99/about_openrct2_fix About OpenRCT2 window redesigned to show two tabs, one for OpenRCT2 information and one for RCT2 information.
jensj12 Update all windows after changing colour scheme
duncanspumpkin Rename cpp files to use TitleCase
marijnvdwerf Update Xcode project
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
IntelOrca Merge pull request #6094 from janisozaur/track-design Track design from #5931 now costs 7 274 money to build, instead of -214 740.60. Also prevents reading memory out of bounds at the end of the TD6 buffer.
IntelOrca Fix #6100: Paths don't connect to exit Regression from db438a27b79d3c29b5f7f9100995612e69f798dd, % does not work on negative numbers.
ZehMatt Fix #3852: Desync constructing path with scenery in its way.
janisozaur Update Android title sequence
rwjuk Fix #6106: Changelog file cannot be loaded on macOS
rwjuk Implement platform-specific changelog path funcs
rwjuk Fix changelog resolution on linux
rwjuk Fix doc path resolution
rwjuk Fix android build post 6110
Fix compilation error on VS2015
rwjuk Merge pull request #6144 from ZehMatt/vs2015-compile Fix compilation error on VS2015
janisozaur Fix CMakeLists.txt to allow static libopenrct2 This allows using CMake-standard `BUILD_SHARED_LIBS` flag to dynamically set how libopenrct2 should be built. `cmake -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF` will result in `openrct2` statically linked with `libopenrct2` Fixes #5918.
janisozaur Explicitly specify shared or static libs for Travis
janisozaur Update minimum required CMake version to 3.1
janisozaur Merge branch 'develop'
janisozaur Release 0.1.1 - Feature: [#5815] Add cheat to ignore research status and access rides/scenery not yet invented. - Feature: [#5857] Keyboard shortcut for clear scenery. - Feature: [#5877] Allow up to 16 stations to be synchronised - Feature: [#5970] The Bobsleigh Roller Coaster now supports on-ride photos. - Feature: [#5991] Allow all tracked rides that can be tested without guests to the Track Designer - Fix: [#2127, #2229, #5586] Mountain tool cost calculation - Fix: [#3589] Crash due to invalid footpathEntry in path_paint - Fix: [#3852] Constructing path not clearing scenery on server. - Fix: [#4455] Crash in window_sign_invalidate due to original bug - Fix: [#4715] Fix OpenGL rendering of water when zoomed. See #5890. - Fix: [#4931] Crash in path_paint - footpathentry was null - Fix: [#5629] Issue with tower ride modes approach to station - incorrect sum caused sawtooth in velocity - Fix: [#5768] Prevent loading non-existent title sequences. - Fix: [#5858] Crash when using custom ride with no colour presets. - Fix: [#5865] Ride preview flickering on uneven terrain or mid air. - Fix: [#5872] Incorrect OpenGL rendering of masked sprites - Fix: [#5880] Leaving bumper cars without building causes assertion. - Fix: [#5890] Fix zoomed OpenGL rendering of special sprites with primary and secondary colours. - Fix: [#5912] Negative queue when moving entrance in paused state. - Fix: [#5920] Placing guest spawn doesn't do anything every 3rd click - Fix: [#5939] Crash when importing 'Six Flags Santa Fe'. - Fix: [#5977] Custom music files not showing up in music list - Fix: [#5981] Ride list doesn't update after using quick demolish. - Fix: [#5984] Allow socket binding to same port after crash - Fix: [#5998] Staff not getting paid / no loan interest. - Fix: [#6026] 'Select ride to advertise' dropdown does not display all items. - Fix: [#6052] Unable to place entrance/exit on certain ride types. - Fix: [#6071] Quick demolish can delete protected ride. - Fix: [#6111] Mute button always visible in editor. - Fix: [#6113] Track preview shows incorrect highest drop height. - Improved: [#2223] Change mountain tool to ignore higher surrounding tiles. - Improved: [#4301] Leading and trailing whitespace in player name is now removed. - Improved: [#5859] OpenGL rendering performance - Improved: [#5863] Switching drawing engines no longer requires the application to restart. - Improved: [#6003] Doors placed on tracks will now work with all vehicles - Improved: [#6037] Autosaves are now stored in a subfolder - Improved: The land tool buttons can now be held down to increase/decrease size. - Improved: Dropdowns longer than 32 items overflow into columns. - Improved: Ride Type option in ride window is now a dropdown. - Improved: "About OpenRCT2" window redesigned, now contains OpenRCT2 info and access to changelog