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Available since: 2018-03-18 20:42:51 (1 month ago)

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Changes in this build

Author Message
Gymnasiast Clean up Intent.{cpp,h} This gets rid of the C transfer functions, add licence and does some alignment fixes
Gymnasiast Remove most usages of 'new Intent'
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
zaxcav Correct identification of thin junctions in the heuristic search. Previously, thin junctions were identified based on the permitted edges - i.e. exit edges from the tile. This causes incorrect handling of tiles with 'no entry' signs. In the worst case, this breaks the heuristic search for paths with 'no entry' signs. Correct to identify thin junctions based on all edges rather than only the permitted edges. Fixes #7125.
Gymnasiast Create footpath_get_edges()
Gymnasiast Update changelog for #7125 [ci skip]
IntelOrca Merge pull request #7130 from IntelOrca/improve-bad-g1-handling Improve bad g1.dat handling
IntelOrca Merge pull request #7062 from rwjuk/fix7052 Fix #7052: Infinite loops occur in track circuit iteration
Broxzier Allow building queues from raised/lowered entrances The original code assumes the entrance is at the exact same height as the station, which is not always the case with hacked rides.
Broxzier Add button to tile inspector to make entrances usable With this, entrances and exits that have been moved away from its original XY location can be made usable. Only one entrance or exit will be usable per station.
Broxzier Add changelog entry [ci skip]
Broxzier Check for nullptr instead of using !ptr + format document This changes all similar checks in the TileInspector file to use `ptr == nullptr` instead of `!ptr` and applies the coding style.
Broxzier Add temporary fix to make mechanics find ride exits
IntelOrca Remove unused String::Substring
IntelOrca Fix #7136: Wrong categorisation of objects Regression introduced in DuplicateArray when converting CopyArray to memcpy
janisozaur Fix mismatched deleter in TextureCache (#7138)
IntelOrca Fix #6958: Recent messages are not coloured This fix is a workaround to what I believe is a bug in MSVC's optimised code generator. Somehow the casting of a wchar_t to a sint32 is causing some strange behaviour where the number 147 gets changed to 0x??93. Adding a printf to display codepoint was enough to alter the behaviour, making it very difficult to understand what was going on.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
janisozaur Fix #7135: Pass save path as std::string, not a pointer (#7141)
IntelOrca Refactor memory handling in ServerList
IntelOrca Refactor memory handling in ServerList more
IntelOrca Refactor ServerList more
IntelOrca More improvements to server list
IntelOrca Remove Memory::Duplicate and Memory::DuplicateArray (#7142)
janisozaur Add missing breaks in WindowManager
janisozaur Fix remaining uses of WC_LOADSAVE intent
janisozaur Fix remaining usages of strings used in intents
janisozaur Upgrade some char arrays to strings
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
janisozaur Avoid shifting negative values in Audio.cpp (#7147) Rather than shifting negative values, which invokes undefined behaviour, use a multiplication.
janisozaur Fix Android assertion (#7148)
Broxzier Make custom paths absolute Then gCustomUserDataPath and relatant variables are set, they overwrite the gBasePath array, which uses absolute paths. This commit makes the custom paths absolute as well, to prevent issues with assumptions in the code (file dialog for example).
Broxzier Populate loadsave window with absolute path When pressing "up", the code would look for the parent in the given path, which doesn't work well with relative paths. This commit fixes this behaviour.
Gymnasiast Fix #3330: Current number of passengers overflows
Gymnasiast Clean up ride struct and num_riders import, update changelog
Gymnasiast Remove padding and offsets in Ride struct
Gymnasiast Do not pack Ride struct
IntelOrca Merge pull request #7143 from IntelOrca/refactor/server-list Refactor server list
IntelOrca Merge pull request #7150 from Broxzier/absolute-path Make custom paths absolute and show full path in load/save window
Gymnasiast Add object_entry_get_type()
Gymnasiast Ignore missing STEX entries
Gymnasiast Remove STEX selection from Object Selection window
Broxzier Check for server version instead of address (#7155)
janisozaur Add some bounds checks
janisozaur Don't try setting null ride type as invented
janisozaur Fix possibly invalid values of sprite fields on import
janisozaur Improve selecting destination station when fixing imported sprites
janisozaur Don't try removing sprites past the end of list
janisozaur Fix mismatched deallocators in S4Importer.cpp
janisozaur Fix mismatched deallocator in FileClassifier.cpp
jensj12 Fix #7137: Water, gentle and transport rides can only have 1 vehicle... (#7159) .../train
IntelOrca Merge pull request #7161 from janisozaur/deleters-s4importer Fix mismatched deallocators in S4Importer.cpp
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
janisozaur Fix #7160: Crash when trying to play the Dynamite Dunes scenario The fix shouldn't modify guests that don't have any ride set. This also fixes how peeps get removed and adds name of the offending guest in the warning message.
IntelOrca Create config directory if it doesn't exist
IntelOrca Fix segfault if no RCT2 install path
IntelOrca Do not show file index error if it doesn't exist
ZehMatt Fix #6667: Match sample rate to games audio content.
IntelOrca Merge pull request #7163 from IntelOrca/fix/cold-startup Fix cold startup
Gymnasiast Extract scenario descriptions from the STEX .DATs This is another step in removing support for STEX .DATs.
IntelOrca Simplify selected object flags
IntelOrca Remove most usages of object_entry_groups
IntelOrca Remove rct_object_entry_extended
IntelOrca Get entries directly from object manager
IntelOrca Remove legacy object list
janisozaur Const all the painted tile elements Extracted from
janisozaur Fix testpaint
IntelOrca Use std::vector for ObjectManager
janisozaur Make curl resolve over IPv4
janisozaur Use CURL_IPRESOLVE_V4 option only as fallback for advertising
janisozaur If forcing IPv4, retry immediately rather than wait 2 minutes
IntelOrca Merge pull request #7167 from IntelOrca/refactor/easy-new-object-types Refactor things related to object types
IntelOrca Fix mistake in ObjectRepository::Create Objects that could not be loaded were being returned with a success status causing blanks in the index file.
janisozaur Implement AVX2 masking
janisozaur Allow specifying cpuid subleaf
janisozaur Force AVX2 project-wide for MSVC
janisozaur Use __builtin_cpu_supports for AVX2 detection
janisozaur Apply workaround for old compilers
rwjuk Xcode and macOS compilation fix
AaronVanGeffen Fix cmake build for openrct2-cli on macOS. This also removes the globbing for *.m files. As the platform files for macOS now all use Objective C++ (.mm) instead of Objective C (.m), this is no longer needed.
jensj12 Reduce duplicate code Fix two cases of duplicated code
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
AaronVanGeffen Improve TrueType font appearance for scrolling texts. This makes the scrolling text drawing code respect banner font y-offset definitions. Font definitions are also adjusted accordingly. Definitions set prior were ignored by the game thus far, hence the need for adjustment.
AaronVanGeffen Make font hinting optional on a per-font basis. Previously, hinting could only be disabled globally. This commit disables hinting if the hinting threshold is set to 0. Note that this parameter is configurable through config.ini, too.
AaronVanGeffen Implement optional full font hinting for scrolling text (banners).
Gymnasiast Use object_entry_get_type() throughout
Gymnasiast Add some missing changelog entries
IntelOrca Fix #7171: Clicking any ride that has custom designs crashes Wrong argument was being passed to object_entry_get_entry.
Gymnasiast Temporarily fix #7173: cannot load saves into vanilla
Broxzier Remove and replace C typedefs `typedef struct/union/enum name { ... } name_again;` is not needed whe compiling C++, moving the name at the back to be in front of the object and removing `typedef` makes it usable the very same way. This also replaces typedefs with the using keyword. They have better readability, especially for function pointer types, and would allow more flexibility when used with templates.
janisozaur Guard from nullptr dereference in object_entry_get_entry While looking at I got a crash with stacktrace: #0 0x7f9e81fa2e30 in object_entry_get_entry(int, unsigned long) ../src/openrct2/object/ObjectList.cpp:181 #1 0x7f9e81fa24ae in get_loaded_object_entry(unsigned long) ../src/openrct2/object/ObjectList.cpp:142 #2 0x7f9e8215d64f in S6Exporter::Export() ../src/openrct2/rct2/S6Exporter.cpp:169 #3 0x7f9e8216de71 in scenario_save(char const*, int) ../src/openrct2/rct2/S6Exporter.cpp:757 #4 0x7f9e81c932b0 in game_autosave() ../src/openrct2/Game.cpp:1590 #5 0x7f9e828625b6 in scenario_autosave_check() ../src/openrct2/scenario/Scenario.cpp:297 #6 0x7f9e81c8a958 in game_update() ../src/openrct2/Game.cpp:439 #7 0x7f9e81c6731f in OpenRCT2::Context::Update() (/home/janisozaur/workspace/OpenRCT2/build/ #8 0x7f9e81c6674c in OpenRCT2::Context::RunVariableFrame() (/home/janisozaur/workspace/OpenRCT2/build/ #9 0x7f9e81c6402d in OpenRCT2::Context::RunFrame() (/home/janisozaur/workspace/OpenRCT2/build/ #10 0x7f9e81c638f4 in OpenRCT2::Context::RunGameLoop() (/home/janisozaur/workspace/OpenRCT2/build/ #11 0x7f9e81c627bf in OpenRCT2::Context::Launch() (/home/janisozaur/workspace/OpenRCT2/build/ #12 0x7f9e81c5b08a in OpenRCT2::Context::RunOpenRCT2(int, char const**) ../src/openrct2/Context.cpp:170 #13 0x56323695b95e in main ../src/openrct2-ui/Ui.cpp:60 Sadly I cannot reproduce it anymore
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
Gymnasiast Remove some redundant casts and fix rct_sprite::AsDuck()
Gymnasiast Replace rct_xy_element with BigCoordsXYE
Gymnasiast Replace LocationXYZ8
Gymnasiast Replace LocationXYZD8
Gymnasiast Replace some occurrences of LocationXY16
Gymnasiast Allow passing BigCoordsXY into map_get_surface_element_at()
Gymnasiast Testpaint and MSVC fixes
Gymnasiast More MSVC fixes
Gymnasiast Rename SmallCoords and BigCoords
janisozaur Remove support for C code from CMake
janisozaur Perform more cleanup of CMakeLists.txt files This moves setting of compilation flags to common file to be used by all subprojects and explicitly enables only C++ support, skipping whole C support in CMake.
janisozaur Remove more references to C from CMake
janisozaur Disable discord's examples to fix 32 bit builds
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
janisozaur Allow (pre)caching title sequences
janisozaur Allow caching title sequences in data/
Gymnasiast Replace LocationXYZ32
Gymnasiast Replace LocationXY32
Gymnasiast Replace LocationXYZD16
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
AaronVanGeffen CMake: fix missing branch information.
janisozaur Initialise paint session with rotation
janisozaur Remove rotation argument from sub_98196C
janisozaur Remove rotation argument from sub_9819_c
janisozaur Remove rotation argument from sub_98197C
janisozaur Remove rotation argument from sub_98198C
janisozaur Remove rotation argument from sub_98199C
janisozaur Remove remaining calls to get_current_rotation in paint code
janisozaur TestPaint fixes
AaronVanGeffen Pass currentRotation to gPaintSession in TestPaint.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
wolfreak99 Sync Peep Spawn over network
Gymnasiast Split PeepSpawn and rct12_peep_spawn
Gymnasiast Replace NULL with nullptr
Gymnasiast Use big coordinates for PeepSpawn's Z coordinate
Gymnasiast Increase network version
janisozaur Compress debug sections on Travis Pass linker option to compress debug sections. Only enable this for Travis, as spending additional cycles on it in development would not be desirable. This uses GCC's pass-through to linker instead of what should really be `-gz` because of Ubuntu's outdated versions. This (partially) addresses
Gymnasiast Remove some entrance/exit height assumptions
Gymnasiast Make entrances/exits at station height take precedence
Gymnasiast Increase network version
janisozaur Make network version a variable to reduce recompilations
Gymnasiast Fix #7205: Park entrance fee cannot be set higher than £100
Gymnasiast Increase network version
Gymnasiast Replace hard coded max map size
Gymnasiast Add translations to openrct2.desktop
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
Krutonium Change name in (#7211) From PFCKrutonium to just Krutonium
AaronVanGeffen Fix #7020: end key not working in text input.
AaronVanGeffen Fix deleting of multibyte characters.
Broxzier Sort changelog and normalize use of full stops
IntelOrca Fix #7196: Crowd Noises Absent Sounds loaded into memory that matched the target audio format were returning a failed result.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
xp4xbox Add reasoning for not running openrct2 with elevated privileges.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
janisozaur Add similar projects, sponsors to readme
janisozaur Round tweened positions to avoid bumping up and down
Gymnasiast Include missing header
Broxzier Add link to sponsors in contents list
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
ZehMatt Fix #7002: Always invalidate virtual floor regardless of selection.
AaronVanGeffen Move all Virtual Floor code from Map to its own file.
ZehMatt Optimise the algorithm for virtual floor invalidation.
ZehMatt Refactor GAME_COMMAND_MAZE_SET_TRACK to game action.
ZehMatt Add serialization traits for bool.
ZehMatt Split special direction to new parameter.
AaronVanGeffen Fix logic error in setting virtual floor height.
Gymnasiast Issue template: clarify multiplayer checkbox
deurklink Fix #7223: 'Remove all guests' does not remove their mass
Gymnasiast Increase network version
Gymnasiast Refactor ride->entrances and ride->exits
Gymnasiast Fix #7233: Steep slopes unavailable on Hyper-Twister Also removes powered lift from Hyper-Twister, which was included by mistake.
deurklink Fix #7239: Remove all guests cheat crashes with ferris wheel
Gymnasiast Remove some hard coded numbers
Gymnasiast Remove unused function tile_element_check_address()
AaronVanGeffen Use correct fonts for simplified and traditional Chinese.
Jaxan Simplifies map_window_get_pixel_colour_ride - Splits uint32 into two uint16 - Reuse code for unowned land colour
Jaxan Replaces magic numbers with appropriate constants
Jaxan Uses some more informative types in Map.cpp
Jaxan Using some more CoordsXY instead of separate xy in Map.cpp
Jaxan Adds me to the
Gymnasiast Rename sub_6CA2DF() to window_ride_construction_update_state()
Broxzier Fix a few typos 'vehichle' -> 'vehicle' 'none zero' and 'non zero' -> 'nonzero'
Broxzier Remove unused screenshot_format configuration
IntelOrca Use new dependencies split format
IntelOrca Fix platform
IntelOrca Set vcpkg triplet
IntelOrca Keep default libs
IntelOrca Use debug CRT for debug Now that we can link to debug versions of our dependencies we can now use the debug CRT.
IntelOrca Fix a few assertions that were found when using debug CRT
IntelOrca Include SDL2 using sub directory
IntelOrca Add msbuild property to use shared libraries
janisozaur Update library links
Broxzier Fix #7251: "Own all land" cheat does not work `x` was not set back to `min` in the second for loop, causing all second iterations to immediately stop.
janisozaur Fix NO_TTF builds for Windows and macOS
AaronVanGeffen Fix #7075: Re-dump glassy_recolourable.png for libpng12 compatibility. Note the file has deliberately not been optimised through `optipng`.
Gymnasiast Name unknown variable
Gymnasiast Clean up more direct access to tile elements
janisozaur Improve declaration of deleter type in S4Importer.cpp
janisozaur Fix #7180: Compiler error: trackType may be used uninitialised
Broxzier Fix #6870 Crash when loading groena lund This crash only occurs when the option "no test crashes" was enable. With this commit the sprite index will be checked before the vehicle gets checked.
IntelOrca Fix assert in debug mode in initialise_list_items Erasing vector iterators causes the iterator to become invalid, so use an index instead for the loop.
IntelOrca Use iterators again for removing empty headings Improving on f00aa15096dd1d65388fe4ce841798c256df85b1, continue to use iterator and just set it to the result of erase.
IntelOrca Show entrance / exit fix messages as verbose only This is because some title sequences have parks which need fixes and they end up showing on stdout every game launch.
Rambatino Adding missing packages to Mac build instructions (#7263)
janisozaur Fix mismatched deleter in TryClassifyAsTD4_TD6
janisozaur Fix #7246: Android build fails with java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError JNI DETECTED ERROR IN APPLICATION: JNI GetObjectClass called with pending exception java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: No implementation found for long website.openrct2.ZipArchive.allocBytes(byte[], int) (tried Java_website_openrct2_ZipArchive_allocBytes and Java_website_openrct2_ZipArchive_allocBytes___3BI)
deurklink Fix #7229: Exploding guests cheat gets rides stuck and freezes game
duncanspumpkin Fix #7209: Reset spatial index before removeing peeps on fix save. If the spatial index is corrupted such as in IndianaJones then deleting multiple peeps from the same spatial index will cause an infinite loop. Therefore this will now reset and remake the spatial index if there are peeps that require removing. Note it doesn't reset the spatial index for all saves as it is not required
Gymnasiast Fix calcutation of number of riders on import Made a little mistake with this last time. This will now use the same logic as the Guest List window and the increment/decrement counters.
janisozaur Reduce header inclusion * Update includes in PlatformEnvironment.cpp * Update includes in ParkImporter.h * Update includes of OpenRCT2.h * Update includes in Intro.h * Remove unused include from Input.cpp * Update includes of Imaging.h * Update includes in Game.h * Update includes in Editor.h * Update includes of Context.cpp * Update includes in Cheats.cpp, CmdlineSprite.cpp * Update includes of some source files * Update includes in some cpp files * Update includes in some cpp files * Update includes in TextureCache.h * Fix tests * Update includes in Font.cpp * Update includes in LightFX files * Update some includes * Fix GCC builds * Update some includes * Update some includes * Update includes in FontsFamilies.* * Update includes of Console.h * Improve includes in Window.h * Improve headers in Viewport.h/Window.h * Fix MSVC build * Fix network-less builds * Reduce inclusion of Map.h
janisozaur Sink some arrays
Broxzier Create new banner entry and string upon pasting one Previously pasted banners would refer to the same banner entry and same string ID, possibly causing crashes when deleting one.
Broxzier Fix #5261 Deleting the sign after copy/pasting it will crash the game Prior to the previous commit, signs could be duplicated by pasting them using the tile inspector, which results in some funky behaviour. A duplicated sign refers to the same banner index (which in turn refers to the same user string ID), making the player unable to modify it. Deleting it would previously even crash the game. This commit looks for such signs when loading a scenario, and attempts to fix them, by creating a new banner entry (and user string if one is used).
Gymnasiast Use tile_element_[gs]et_banner_index()
Broxzier define BANNER_INDEX_NULL
Gymnasiast Avoid warning spam during park entrance drawing
Gymnasiast Fix missing include
Broxzier Fix typo 'instad' -> 'instead' [ci skip]
AaronVanGeffen Fix #6804: Network permissions are not visible.
AaronVanGeffen Use a range-based for loop in NetworkGroup::Write, too.
janisozaur Fix #7198: Update Android dependencies to 0.8
AaronVanGeffen Fix #7203: Undefined string in custom currency window.
IntelOrca Fix import of park entrance locations gParkEntrances was changed to sint32 positions from sint16 positions in f4ac2b4d5bbedc1dc564471e1365949630655ddf. This caused a regression as the locations were not being sign extended when imported from S6 files.
janisozaur Fix generating screenshot path for GCC8 GCC8 rightfully complains about using improperly-sized buffers in call to snprintf.
janisozaur Fix strncpy usage in GuestList.cpp
janisozaur Update common header
janisozaur Don't use registers struct where not strictly required The only advantage of `struct registers` is the union hierarchy. If this is not being actively exploited, it is detrimental to use this struct.
janisozaur Remove more C-only code from common header
janisozaur Remove unnecessary checks for __cplusplus
janisozaur Initialise dl in Surface.cpp
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
janisozaur Add systemd (udev) to 64 bit Arch dockerfile [ci skip] enabled udev support in libdrm, however the dependency array was not updated to reflect that, resulting in missing package in our docker container. This explicitly adds systemd to installed packages. Upstream bug at
Gymnasiast Fix #7284: Rotating a maze track rotates each piece individually
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
janisozaur Make Travis do Android builds on master and ^android branches
Gymnasiast nl-NL: Apply #1446
janisozaur Improve track preview window with OpenGL renderer This adds a warning to track preview window explaining it's not supported with OpenGL renderer. Also fixes the issue whereby no stats were printed because of early exit.
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
duncanspumpkin Fix #7295: peep_should_go_on_ride_again() checked balloon colour instead of toilet need
Gymnasiast en-GB: Use consistent terminology for 'guest entry point'
OpenRCT2-git-bot Merge Localisation/master into OpenRCT2/develop.
Broxzier Keep paths connected when wanted A tile can have multiple connections to a path when building with clearance checks disables, but the function that removes the edges doesn't assume this. This PR makes it so that it first checks if there are no other tile elements that want to stay connected to a path before removing an edge.
Broxzier un-fill corners that were filled by the ghost Old behaviour: connected edge and corners get removed. New behaviour: connected edge may stay connected, but corners will be removed.
Broxzier Proplerly check for element to be removed The element that gets removed is only a ghost while using the path tool, other tools just remove the path immediately.
Broxzier Add changelog entry [ci skip]
janisozaur Add missing Guard.hpp header in Footpath.cpp
janisozaur Fix compilation errors in Footpath.cpp
Broxzier use GAME_COMMAND_FLAG_APPLY instead of hardcoded value
Broxzier Correct incorrect 'incorrect' in changelog
ThomasdenH Fix dithering error in sprite importer
ThomasdenH Add #7301 to changelog [ci skip] This commit adds a description for PR #7301 to the changelog.
Gymnasiast Manually update pt-BR for the 0.1.2 release
Gymnasiast Slight fixes to changelog
AaronVanGeffen Update title sequence to v0.1.2 release.
janisozaur Merge branch 'develop'
janisozaur Release 0.1.2 - Feature: [#2893] Object selection filters for items from RCT1, Added Attractions and Loopy Landscapes. - Feature: [#3505] Allow up to 1024 items per scenery tab. - Feature: [#3510] Auto-append extension if none is specified. - Feature: [#3994] Show bottom toolbar with map tooltip (theme option). - Feature: [#4184] Add command and cheat to alter the date. - Feature: [#4906] Add follow sprite command to title sequences. - Feature: [#4984] Add option to highlight path issues: full bins, vandalism & vomit. - Feature: [#5826] Add the show_limits command to show map data counts and limits. - Feature: [#6078] Game now converts mp.dat to SC21.SC4 (Mega Park) automatically. - Feature: [#6125] Path can now be placed in park entrances. - Feature: [#6181] Map generator now allows adjusting random terrain and tree placement in Simplex Noise tab. - Feature: [#6235] Add drawing debug option for showing visuals when and where blocks of the screen are painted. - Feature: [#6290] Arabic translation (experimental). - Feature: [#6292] Allow building queue lines in the Scenario Editor. - Feature: [#6295] TrueType fonts are now rendered with light font hinting by default. - Feature: [#6307] Arrows are now shown when placing park entrances. - Feature: [#6313] Add keyboard shortcut for toggle gridlines. - Feature: [#6324] Add command to deselect unused objects from the object selection. - Feature: [#6325] Allow using g1.dat from RCT Classic. - Feature: [#6329] Render level crossings when the Miniature Railway crossed a path. - Feature: [#6338] Virtual floor to help positioning objects vertically. - Feature: [#6353] Show custom RCT1 scenarios in New Scenario window. - Feature: [#6411] Add command to remove the park fence. - Feature: [#6414] Raise maximum launch speed of the Corkscrew RC back to 96 km/h (for RCT1 parity). - Feature: [#6433] Turn 'unlock all prices' into a regular (non-cheat, persistent) option. - Feature: [#6516] Ability to search by filename in the object selection window. - Feature: [#6530] Land rights tool no longer blocks when a tile is not for purchase. - Feature: [#6568] Add smooth nearest neighbour scaling. - Feature: [#6651, #6658] Integrate Discord Rich Presence. - Feature: [#6709] The New Ride window now shows available vehicles for a ride type. - Feature: [#6731] Object indexing progress is now reported via command line output. - Feature: [#6779] On-ride photo segment for Splash Boats. - Feature: [#6838] Ability to auto-pause server when no clients are connected. - Feature: [#7031] Better support for displaced ride entrances and exits. - Feature: Add search box to track design window. - Feature: Allow using object files from RCT Classic. - Feature: Title sequences now testable in-game. - Feature: Vehicles with matching capabilities are now always switchable. - Feature: Add search box to track design window. - Feature: Add load scenario command to title sequences. - Fix: [#816] In the map window, there are more peeps flickering than there are selected (original bug). - Fix: [#996, #2589, #2875] Viewport scrolling no longer shakes or gets stuck. - Fix: [#1185] Close button colour of prompt windows does not match. - Fix: [#1833, #4937, #6138] 'Too low!' warning when building rides and shops on the lowest land level (original bug). - Fix: [#2254] Edge scrolling horizontally now has the same speed as vertical edge scrolling. - Fix: [#2607] Rain rendered incorrectly in additional viewport. - Fix: [#3171] Guests entering from the corner of the tile in Amity Airfield (original bug). - Fix: [#3330] Current number of passengers overflows when over 255 (original bug). - Fix: [#4760] Asia - Great Wall of China and South America - Rio Carnival have incorrect guest entry points (original bug). - Fix: [#4953, #6277] Unable to advertise to master servers over IPv6. - Fix: [#4991] Inverted helices can be built on the Lay Down RC, but are not drawn. - Fix: [#5190] Cannot build Wild Mouse - Flying Dutchman Gold Mine. - Fix: [#5224] Multiplayer window is not closed when server shuts down. - Fix: [#5228] Top toolbar disappears when opening SC4 file. - Fix: [#5261] Deleting a banner sign after copy/pasting it will crash the game. - Fix: [#5398] Attempting to place Mini Maze.TD4 results in weird behaviour and crashes. - Fix: [#5417] Hacked Crooked House tracked rides do not dispatch vehicles. - Fix: [#5445] Patrol area not imported from RCT1 saves and scenarios. - Fix: [#5585] Inconsistent zooming with mouse wheel. - Fix: [#5609] Vehicle switching may cause '0 cars per train' to be set. - Fix: [#5636] Pausing the game shows mute button as active. - Fix: [#5741] Land rights indicators disappear when switching views. - Fix: [#5761] Mini coaster doesn't appear despite being selected. - Fix: [#5788] Empty scenario names cause invisible entries in scenario list. - Fix: [#5809] Support Steam RCT1 file layout when loading CSG images. - Fix: [#5838] Crash when saving very large track designs. - Fix: [#5901] Placing peep spawn not synced across multiplayer. - Fix: [#6101] Rides remain in ride list window briefly after demolition. - Fix: [#6114] Crash when using a non-LL CSG1.DAT. - Fix: [#6115] Random title screen music not random on launch. - Fix: [#6118, #6245, #6366] Tracked animated vehicles not animating. - Fix: [#6129] Guest List summary not updating after a ride rename. - Fix: [#6133] Construction rights not shown after selecting buy mode. - Fix: [#6188] Viewports not being clipped properly when zoomed out in OpenGL mode. - Fix: [#6193] All rings in Space Rings use the same secondary colour. - Fix: [#6196, #6223] Guest's energy underflows and never decreases. - Fix: [#6198] You cannot cancel RCT1 directory selection. - Fix: [#6199] Inverted Hairpin Coaster vehicle tab is not centred. - Fix: [#6202] Guests can break occupied benches (original bug). - Fix: [#6251] Splash Boats renders flat-to-25-degree pieces in tunnels incorrectly. - Fix: [#6261, #6344, #6520] Broken pathfinding after removing park entrances with the tile inspector. - Fix: [#6271] Wrong booster speed tooltip text. - Fix: [#6293] Restored interface sounds while gameplay is paused. - Fix: [#6301] Track list freezes after deleting track in Track Manager. - Fix: [#6308] Cannot create title sequence if title sequences folder does not exist. - Fix: [#6314] Imported SV4 files do not mark their scenarios as completed. - Fix: [#6318] Cannot sack staff that have not been placed. - Fix: [#6320] Crash when CSS1.DAT is absent. - Fix: [#6331] Scenery costs nothing in track designs. - Fix: [#6358] HTTP requests can point to invalid URL string. - Fix: [#6360] Off-by-one filenames when exporting all sprites. - Fix: [#6388] Construction rights tool erroneously enabled in some RCT1 scenarios even when no rights are available. - Fix: [#6413] Maze previews only showing scenery. - Fix: [#6423] Importing parks containing names with Polish characters. - Fix: [#6423] Polish characters now correctly drawn when using the sprite font. - Fix: [#6445] Guests' favourite ride improperly set when importing from RCT1 or AA. - Fix: [#6452] Scenario text cut off when switching between 32 and 64-bit builds. - Fix: [#6460] Crash when reading corrupt object files. - Fix: [#6481] Can't take screenshots of parks with colons in the name. - Fix: [#6500] Failure to load resources when config file is missing. - Fix: [#6547] The server log is not logged if the server name contains CJK. - Fix: [#6593] Cannot hire entertainers when default scenery groups are not selected (original bug). - Fix: [#6657] Guest list is missing tracking icon after reopening. - Fix: [#6803] Symbolic links to directories are not descended by FileScanner. - Fix: [#6830] Crash when using mountain tool due to ride with no ride entry. - Fix: [#6833] Shops in corrupted files not imported correctly. - Fix: [#6846] Zoom level in some ride overview windows was erroneously set too high. - Fix: [#6904] Manually added multiplayer servers not saved. - Fix: [#7003] Building sloped paths through flat paths with clearance checks off causes glitches. - Fix: [#7011] Swinging and bobsleigh cars going backwards swing in the wrong direction (original bug). - Fix: [#7042, #7077] Paths sometimes disconnect when building them with clearance checks off. - Fix: [#7125] No entry signs not correctly handled in pathfinding. - Fix: [#7223] Vehicle mass not correctly recalculated when using remove all guests cheat. - Fix: [#7229] Exploding guests cheat causes rides to get stuck and freezes game. - Fix: [#7295] peep_should_go_on_ride_again() checked balloon colour instead of toilet need. - Fix: [#7301] Sprite compiler dithering checks transparency of wrong pixel. - Fix: Infinite loop when removing scenery elements with >127 base height. - Fix: Ghosting of transparent map elements when the viewport is moved in OpenGL mode. - Fix: Clear IME buffer after committing composed text. - Fix: RCT1 mazes with wooden fences not imported correctly. - Fix: Title sequence editor now gracefully fails to preview a title sequence and lets the user know with an error message. - Fix: When preset title sequence fails to load, the preset will forcibly be changed to the first sequence to successfully load. - Fix: Remove consecutive thoughts about a ride being demolished. - Fix: Water raft vehicles stop spinning when going up slopes. - Fix: Incorrect spin is applied to coasters on S-bends and other turns. - Improved: [#5962] Use AVX2 instruction set where supported, resulting in a performance boost. - Improved: [#5964] Use SSE 4.1 instruction set where supported, resulting in a performance boost. - Improved: [#6186] Transparent menu items now draw properly in OpenGL mode. - Improved: [#6218] Speed up game start up time by saving scenario index to file. - Improved: [#6242] Prevent scenery aging and grass growth causing tile invalidation unless necessary - slight performance boost. - Improved: [#6423] Polish is now rendered using the sprite font, rather than TTF. - Improved: [#6746] Draw friction wheels instead of chain lift on Looping Roller Coaster stations. - Improved: Load/save window now refreshes list if native file dialog is closed/cancelled. - Improved: Major translation updates for Japanese and Polish. - Improved: Added 24x24, 48x48, and 96x96 icon resolutions. - Technical: [#6384] On macOS, address NSFileHandlingPanel deprecation by using NSModalResponse instead. - Technical: [#6772] RCT2 interop removed.