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Status & Branch: develop
Based on commit hash: 4db0ceaccdb015ab3807ca8bbc75e19b01dfb49d
Available since: 2017-08-05 16:19:24 (7 months ago)

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Windows x86 Portable ZIP 7ce634119… 5.77 MB
Windows x86 Installer OpenRCT2-0.1.1-develop-4db0cea-windows-win32.exe cb0507cad… 5.18 MB
Windows x64 Portable ZIP 2eefb00b0… 6.51 MB
Windows x64 Installer OpenRCT2-0.1.1-develop-4db0cea-windows-x64.exe 5a72c00c5… 5.76 MB
macOS 721722094… 7.26 MB
Linux x86_64 OpenRCT2-0.1.1-develop-4db0cea-linux-x86_64.tar.gz 981c80b11… 15.21 MB
Linux x86 OpenRCT2-0.1.1-develop-4db0cea-linux-i686.tar.gz e309b9440… 6.52 MB
Windows x86 Debug Symbols b78663b1a… 9.59 MB
Windows x64 Debug Symbols 28774a579… 10 MB

Changes in this build

Author Message
janisozaur Fix #4697: Ensure track designs are saved and read properly Previous code only set one byte as an end marker, but read and compared to 4 bytes, which could cause track design to become malformed.
janisozaur Fix #5931: Money overflow when placing track design
janisozaur Initialise rct_object_entry with empty struct
janisozaur Remove superfluous checks from track_design.c
janisozaur Remove superfluous check from track_design_save.c
IntelOrca Merge pull request #6094 from janisozaur/track-design Track design from #5931 now costs 7 274 money to build, instead of -214 740.60. Also prevents reading memory out of bounds at the end of the TD6 buffer.