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Status & Branch: develop
Based on commit hash: 0ab3d0955c5cea1c83df9d404e477eae36b21864
Available since: 2018-04-08 09:53:19 (2 weeks ago)

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macOS 9d129d3ef… 12.06 MB
Linux x86_64 OpenRCT2-0.1.3-develop-0ab3d09-linux-x86_64.tar.gz 4b03e556f… 26.72 MB
Linux x86 OpenRCT2-0.1.3-develop-0ab3d09-linux-i686.tar.gz 18a20cf42… 13.76 MB

Changes in this build

Author Message
IntelOrca Spike 1: Add RCT1 toilets JSON
Gymnasiast Fix compiling and loading on macOS, load description
Gymnasiast Draw the building
Gymnasiast Read more from JSON, attempt at supporting more types of stalls
Gymnasiast Avoid toilets selling balloons
Gymnasiast Allow import of RCT1 Ice Cream Stall
IntelOrca Fix toilets image loading
IntelOrca Move length calculation to ImageTable.cpp
IntelOrca Parse images from JSON
IntelOrca Parse new form of original id
IntelOrca Load images from OBJDATA DATs
IntelOrca Parse ride type with lookup table
IntelOrca Fix memory corruption in ImageTable::AddImage
IntelOrca Parse category and shop item
IntelOrca Refactor common JSON methods to new helper namespace
IntelOrca Read JSON for park entrance objects
Gymnasiast Fix rebase errors
IntelOrca Implement footpath JSON reading
Gymnasiast Fix extracting ranges from object .DATs
IntelOrca Add JSON loading for footpath items
IntelOrca Write common JSON string loader
IntelOrca Write helper method for parsing flags
IntelOrca Return image and string table by reference
IntelOrca Add JSON loading for footpath banners
IntelOrca Add JSON loading for water
IntelOrca Finish loading water JSON objects
IntelOrca Add JSON loading for scenery groups
IntelOrca Don't report object conflicts
IntelOrca Update launch.json
IntelOrca Add JSON loading for walls
IntelOrca Fix typo, hasGrass -> hasGlass
IntelOrca Refactor large scenery tile flags field
IntelOrca Add JSON loading for large scenery
IntelOrca Fix loading of JSON large scenery tiles
IntelOrca Add JSON loading for 3D fonts in large scenery
IntelOrca Fix removal price for large scenery
IntelOrca Add JSON loading for small scenery
IntelOrca Read a shape property instead of individual flags
IntelOrca Revert 287d97a8937eb4985da060063f09816291219b78 Caused all food stalls to incorrectly have colour tab.
IntelOrca Continue work on ride JSON loading
IntelOrca Read JSON colour presets for rides
IntelOrca Load loading positions from JSON and convert to vector
IntelOrca Add remaining flags
IntelOrca Fix import of JSON cars
IntelOrca Allow cars property to be a single object
IntelOrca Import sprite flags as named flags
IntelOrca Fix import of ride type and category
IntelOrca Import named car flags
Gymnasiast Small fixes
Gymnasiast Fix rebase errors
IntelOrca Fix errors
IntelOrca Correct some ride JSON names
IntelOrca Read objects from OpenRCT2 data instead of RCT2
IntelOrca Search for object file, case insensitive
Gymnasiast Fix train dropdown not being shown
IntelOrca Download and distribute objects
IntelOrca Do not load images for objects if in headless mode
IntelOrca Allow game to run without RCT2 install path
Gymnasiast Fix initial car index values
Gymnasiast Fix crash when spawning flat rides
Gymnasiast Fix rides selling balloons
Gymnasiast Fix Xcode project
IntelOrca Sort string table when loading strings from JSON
IntelOrca Do not prepend the position data size
IntelOrca Load new peep loading position json format
IntelOrca Update objects download version to v1.0-beta.3
IntelOrca Apply review fixes
Gymnasiast Don't set now-unused SEPARATE_RIDE flag
Gymnasiast Remove residual usages of rideEntry->enabledTrackPieces
janisozaur Fix catching of polymorphic exception
janisozaur Remove unused variable
IntelOrca Change json shop names to OpenRCT2 names
IntelOrca Update objects to v1.0-beta.4
janisozaur Fix mismatched deleter in ~ImageTable()
IntelOrca Do not overwrite car.flags
Gymnasiast Add JSON object download to Xcode project
IntelOrca Fix cookie json item name
Gymnasiast Remove fixes to vanilla objects (moved to JSON)
IntelOrca Update loading object images to use inclusive ranges
IntelOrca Do not download objects if they already exist
janisozaur Mark ObjectJsonHelpers::GetFlags<T> as static
IntelOrca Update objects to v1.0
Gymnasiast Correct spelling of 'sujonkwa'
Gymnasiast Remove en-GB overrides for vanilla objects
Gymnasiast Remove incorrect sujeonggwa spelling
IntelOrca Update objects to latest v1.0
IntelOrca Use resize instead of push_back
janisozaur Validate alignment of peep_loading_positions at compile time
janisozaur Provide error message for older version of static_assert
janisozaur Fix validation of rct_ride_entry_vehicle for 32 bit builds Also enables packing only for testpaint
IntelOrca Include string not cstring
IntelOrca Protect against unknown ride types
IntelOrca Update android build to download objects
duncanspumpkin Merge pull request #7310 from OpenRCT2/json-objects Add support for new JSON object format